AAPL Continues to Rise, While GOOG Continues to Fall in 2012

As we pointed out last week, Apple’s share price is seeing tremendous growth in 2012, but that’s not all. Turns out, while Apple’s share price continues to increase, Google’s continues to fall. There’s no other tech company stock right now which is seeing growth like this. Now, let’s compare Apple’s share price growth versus Google’s in a similar time frame. I’m going to graph the share price until February 7th.

In roughly the past month, AAPL has a seen a gain of over 60 points that has increased its price by nearly 16%. This was due to the blowout quarter the company reported two weeks ago, and since then, the share price has seen solid growth and closed at yet another record high of $468.83. Not only that, but Apple’s iPhone also nabbed 75% of mobile phone profits last quarter with just 9% of unit share. The company’s share price is nearing $470. Remember, this company has been declared “doomed” many times now and is not dominating in marketshare.

Apple Google 2012

However, if we take a look at Google’s share price during the same duration, GOOG has seen a monthly decline of over 30 points which has decreased its price by 6%. This is due to the fact that the company failed to meet earnings expectations for the second time in a row. It really is only a matter of time until Google’s share price is lower than Apple’s. In fact, even to this day, Apple’s share price is trading lower than what it should be at. If things continue to go the way they are, it can get much worse for Google. Remember, business is always about the money. How can this be for a company that’s dominating in marketshare and “winning?”

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