Apple Reveals 2012 Final Cut Pro X Update with Multichannel Audio Editing and More

Last year, Apple released a brand new version of  Final Cut Pro called “Final Cut Pro X.” When it was first released, the company received a lot of criticism for the lack of features. Then in January, Apple updated Final Cut Pro X with multi cam support and more.

Now, Apple is planning a feature rich update to Final Cut Pro X that will offer many new features, including multichannel audio editing and dual viewers. In addition, the update will add support for RED cameras. The update will be available later this year.

Details regarding the upcoming given update were directly given by Apple to producer, editor and director Larry Jordan. He highlights some of the changes that Apple said are coming later this year on his personal blog. The new features were listed by Apple, but none of them were demoed.

Currently, it remains unknown when exactly the update will be available to Final Cut Pro X owners. Apple declined to give a specific date, but did say that the update would be available at some point in 2012.

Final Cut Pro X [Mac App Store] is available in the Mac App Store and is priced at $299.99. Apple also offers a free 30-day trial for download.

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