WordPress.com Down, Disable WordPress Stats or You Will Go Down Too

WordPress.com has gown down apparently taking down millions of blogs with it. We were one of them too, however, we are not hosted on WordPress servers, but were using a plugin called WordPress Stats for analytics purpose.

However, our site was down and out for almost half an hour, the reason apparently because we used the WP Stats plugin.

So if your site is down and you have no clue why, just login to FTP and delete the WP Stats plugin and everything should work fine again. Let me know if your site has gone down after WordPress.com went down.

Update: You might see downtime on your site if some of your plugins try to access WordPress.com, this might not just be for the WordPress Stats plugin.

Update: WordPress.com looks to be back up again.

Update: Source was The Next Web

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Keith Dsouza

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  • Great and timely advice, however, I'm on their servers …

  • I run WordPress stats plugin on about 10 sites and the stats stopped working but my sites had no outages. But it does seem that Gravitar is not working but Askimat is. Also not able to upgrade or install plugins.

  • Not sure why the plugin took Techie-Buzz down, both my blogs are up despite WP-stats being enabled :-s

    • @Sathya – Yea same here, I re-enabled the plugin just to verify this and it went down again, so it might be an issue with Nginx locking the server, but I can confirm that WP Stats plugin is the one that caused us issues

      • Yeah ! I use a Popular posts Plugin which works with WordPress.com stats. As WordPress.com went down, that plugin showed some fatal error and the whole theme broke. Took me some time to find out the reason… At least I am not the only sufferer here :-) ! Thanks for the update Keith.

  • Seeing wordpress down time made me think any server can go down..and I was blaming my shared hosting server from long for lil bit of down time and was planning to move to VPS.. Now I guess I'm going to stick with them…