Feedly Beginning To Disappoint

I have been a big Feedly fan for quite sometime, for those who are not aware of Feedly, it is a really good service and that enhances Google Reader, however no matter how good a application is, it definitely disappoints in one way or the other.

Feedly is as good as it is, however it has a ton of problems, which finally made me move to Google Reader itself until I found some Desktop clients for Google Reader.

Why this post? Well, not to stop users from using Feedly, but just a way to talk about its shortcomings and reasoning on why feedly should stop doing what they do, pushing their decisions on users, who in the end may have no idea that something is being changed, without intimating them, and believe me that is wrong. Here are some of the reasons, why you may want to avoid feedly altogether.

Pushing Updates Without User Knowledge

Feedly has the knack of doing something which resorts to malwareactivity in regular terms, they push software updates without intimating users, and to top that, you are not even intimated about Feedly being updated.

There are two things that concern me here, one being the fact that things are being downloaded to my computer without my knowledge or permission, and two that if Feedly servers are hacked, this could compromise users and create a grave security threat for their PCs, which happened all because they decided that it was ok to push updates to users PC.

Not that I have had my PC compromised because of Feedly, but the possibility that it could makes me think hard before I fall prey to something.

has a really good update mechanism, and bypassing that for Feedly makes no sense to me, also the numerous updates to feedly multiple times a week makes me wonder if the developers are not sure of what they do, or they are just using production users as a beta testing group.

I am a very experienced developer, and believe me pushing so many updates to the user would only mean that software developers are using production users as a test-case scenario, doing so without the users knowledge is what I dislike the most.

I can go on and on about this issue, but will put a end to it. Feedly should stop doing this right away, no matter trustworthy they are, after all you are entering your username and passwords before accessing feedly.

User Interface Only Matters To Feedly Developers

The user of interface of Feedly is customizable, however everything changes according to the whims and fancies of the feedly developers, and users have no choice but to keep coming across something new without after every update.

This is a bad practice, pushing graphical changes without user’s consent is a absolute NO, there should be a mechanism where users consent should be taken, giving users no choice at all is monopoly.

This is all because feedly does not intimate users about updates and neither do users come to know about it, until they see something different and notice it.

Feedly Developers Decide What You See

I rely on my feeds to post software here, and according to feedly developers the brackets [] {} ()are of no value to them, however for me it is, since I track several feeds and the information about being a freeware, trialware or otherwise is posted in the brackets, however the feedly team thinks that anything in the brackets is not valuable and chucks that information out, unless you are viewing full posts, without allowing users to control how it works.

I understand that things may or may not be important for users to view, but removing information without giving users the opportunity to decide that is preposterous and shows you who has control over information being displayed.

Sometime tomorrow feedly developers may decide that a comma (,) is not important and strip that from the actual information, however a comma controls how a sentence looks, so deciding what is important and what is not should be left with the users.

Feedly Updates Cause Problems

I have been using Feedly for a pretty long time, in-fact since they actually stepped out and began offering their services, however each of their updates cause different problems.

This may or may not be normal considering the huge amount of code changes they may be doing, but hey, once is OK, twice is OK, but breaking things over and over again is definitely not OK.

I have been a active bug reporter for feedly, and have reported numerous bugs to them, over their forum at Getsatisfaction and on too, but from my experiences I have been doing this forever.

Enough said.


I don’t hate feedly, and neither I have been saying bad things about it in the recent past, but there is a limit till which you can sustain from saying things about something that is not right.

I leave it up to you to decide, use feedly and see for yourself, its a great piece of software, but practices as such are unacceptable, there are and may be several issues which I may not have written about, would love to hear about them in the comments.

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