Hey PC Tools, I Quit. Everyone Else Please Start Uninstalling

I have been using the "free version" of PC Tools Spyware Doctor for quite some time now, however, the only purpose it is there is for my laziness to clear tracking cookies, or clear my cache every day. I do have scheduled tasks on my PC to clear all cookies and trash every few days, but this bugger tried to be useful, but as far as I am concerned it is becoming useless, and I uninstalled it.


Above you can see a "Legal Notice" the latest version displayed to me. It is not only deceptive, it has lawyer words written all over it. For the record, as I said earlier I use a free version of PC Tools Spyware Doctor, and other than the browser this program tracks nothing else. Of course, I use several other programs to track what goes on my PC.

However, this new legal notice has sent me into a foul-mouthed cruise of my own. Come on, why would a program send a legal notice like this when they just clear cookies. When I try to clear cookies manually in my browser, all I get is a "Do you want to clear this data". I click "Yes" and I am on my way. However, I hate this reverse psychology ways of companies to get people to think what they are doing.

I am not afraid of saying that many of them are "dumb", nor am I afraid of saying that many of them will fall for this and not remove potential tracking cookies because of this notice. It is a really bad thing on PC Tools part to put this notice up. They are just trying to save their ass (or advertisers) while making more people exposed to potential cookies that track people.

I am assuming that they did tie up with several tracking sites to ensure that they put in a fear before people removed cookies from their PCs. Eff them, I would highly suggest you use CCleaner, Malware Bytes and Microsoft Security Essentials (links at end) to clean up your cookies or mess going forward, just duck and uninstall PC Tools once and for all.

Happy Defending.

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