Twitter And The Art Of Desperation

Let’s face it  has changed completely from what it was supposed to be, I emphasized that because it has really changed in a lot of ways, it has gone from being a way to tell people what you were doing, to a communication tool, a spammers paradise and now desperation, yes desperation.

I am a avid twitter user and I do have a considerable amount of friends and followers on my list, but one thing that amuses me is that I see almost 2 out of 10 tweets to a link to increase followers by various numbers like 100, 200, 400, 1000, 10000 and so on.

What amuses me more is that when I click on the user profile (not link) who just tweeted about getting 10000 user as followers or any other number, they don’t even have 200 followers 90% of the time, so now we are expecting to get 10000 followers from someone who has only 200???

Another thing worth pointing out is that almost every user above 2000 followers (almost) only tweet links, they never or very rarely communicate with their friends or followers, other than maybe saying thanks for the RT (re-tweet).

So the art of desperation to get higher followers in twitter is then followed by only posting links to their followers, which is again very amusing.

I literally do not follow any new users unless I personally check their twitter profile to see what and how they tweet, for me twitter is more about communicating and sharing things, I do post links but only things I feel are interesting and would be worth sharing, and that would continue even if I reach 10000 followers.

Twitter is degrading faster than it is growing, what was once useful everytime is now useful only when something important happens, so slowly and surely people will only go to twitter when something important happens, rather than how people use it now.

These were my opinions and not of anyone else in general, I may be wrong and liked to be corrected. What are your thoughts about this? Do let me know.

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Keith Dsouza

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