Twitter and Flickr Banned In China

The Chinese government has banned two new services the micro-blogging service and the photo-sharing network in China, this ban comes after the earlier ban on BlogSpot blogs.

These services are primarily blocked for the upcoming as the 10th anniversary of Tiananmen Square nears.

In the past China has also banned access to and blogs. Most likely the bans will be lifted once it is over, however you can still access blocked sites using proxy servers, or browse anonymously on the Internet using a software.

What do you think about the ban? Is it justified?

9 thoughts on “Twitter and Flickr Banned In China”

  1. Absolutely not justified. It doesn’t have to be.

    It’s a Communist government/Republic therefore no justification is needed.

    They do [or in this case] don’t do what the government says.

  2. the Twitterverse has it’s knickers in a knot over this, but China has banned Taiwanese independence sites for years. this is nothing new, and re-tweeting about it accomplishes nothing.

  3. It Is not a good thing i dont know how it could be a problem to use twitter,
    But people who r using it they can use it through proxies not a big thing for them.

  4. Looks like they’ve also banned most articles that talks about the ban…

    I’m an expat living in Beijing, it’s frustrating that my communication to the outside world is being cut off one by one…

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