RevTwt IS Not Scamming

The information provided earlier is not accurate and we have taken it down, we apologize to RevTwt for causing them inconvinience and wrongly writing this post.

Once again RevTwt is not a scam and it checks for advertising before allowing users to tweet about it.

5 thoughts on “RevTwt IS Not Scamming”

  1. WoW, thanks for the reminder, as I never thought that it’s a scammer’s site! I’ll totally stay away from this RevTwt. Beside that, I’m going to tell my friends about it as well.

  2. @Anuj I believe that RevTwt knew about the ad they were posting, if they had little sense they would not allow it to get into their ad network in the first place.

    If you are a ad company, it is you who are responsible for whatever ads you choose to publish

  3. my account got to the minimum payment of 20, and by the time it turned 22, i decided to cash out. a fews days later, i couldnt log in anymore coz it says my account has been redflagged.

    guess thats their way of stealing one’s account. i searched google and it showed in some forums about the same case i had. tsk tsk.

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