Hate the Black Bar in Google.com and Search Pages – Here’s How To Remove It

Google recently launched a new design which sports a new Black menu bar with grey colored text. The new menu bar is an eyesore and is being hated by many people.

No Black Bar in Google Search

If you are someone who does not like the new design change by Google, here are few ways to disable or change it back to an earlier version with white background and blue links (coming soon). Right now you completely disable the black menu bar on all Google pages.

The trick uses a script so you will need a compatible browser or user a workaround to run Greasemonkey scripts in Opera, Internet Explorer or Safari.

Like I said, right now I just hide the bar completely, but I am working on modifying the script to change the black bar to an earlier version of Google. Stay tuned for updates on this post to know when it has been updated. I have tested the script and it works in , and . I am still testing it in Internet Explorer 9.

In the meantime, have fun without the ugly black bar in Google Search. You can download and install the Google Black Bar hider script from here.

Update: You can also return back to the classic toolbar for Google by installing this script.



49 thoughts on “Hate the Black Bar in Google.com and Search Pages – Here’s How To Remove It”

  1. Hey thanks for the tip! Is there a way to remove the online shopping bars from the browser. I left my laptop running and my 6 year old nephew installed a bunch of crap on it. Any ideas?

  2. Okay, so I’ve been pouring over at least 5 different webpages which promise to give me a script to disable the ugly black google bar. One page just leads to another and never have I once seen the illusive script! WTF!? Feels like a scavenger hunt!

  3. Keith, you are brilliant.

    I always liked google because it was a simple interface.

    They ruined it with that ugly black bar and the blue arrow.

    They should leave well alone. Thank god for people like you!

  4. It also removes the search box from the results page, making Google almost useless. Wrong! had to remove it. (Using Startpage anyway now, more secure, more private)

  5. Look. I made the mistake of updating Google in my Samsung Ace Android and the Search bar turned black and white. I don’t know how to come back to the original one. Can you please help. It looks horrible! what is wrong with Google they don’t want to spice people’s life anymore?

  6. this does not work for me! Also a lot of spam programs get downloaded when I click on your download button! The black bar is still here tho!

  7. Thanks for clearly pointing out where the script is. I go back and forth between two pages that say get script here and nothing.

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