Hate the Black Bar in Google.com and Search Pages – Here’s How To Remove It

Google recently launched a new design which sports a new Black menu bar with grey colored text. The new menu bar is an eyesore and is being hated by many people.

No Black Bar in Google Search

If you are someone who does not like the new design change by Google, here are few ways to disable or change it back to an earlier version with white background and blue links (coming soon). Right now you completely disable the black menu bar on all Google pages.

The trick uses a script so you will need a compatible browser or user a workaround to run Greasemonkey scripts in Opera, Internet Explorer or Safari.

Like I said, right now I just hide the bar completely, but I am working on modifying the script to change the black bar to an earlier version of Google. Stay tuned for updates on this post to know when it has been updated. I have tested the script and it works in , and . I am still testing it in Internet Explorer 9.

In the meantime, have fun without the ugly black bar in Google Search. You can download and install the Google Black Bar hider script from here.

Update: You can also return back to the classic toolbar for Google by installing this script.



49 thoughts on “Hate the Black Bar in Google.com and Search Pages – Here’s How To Remove It”

  1. Thank you! That grey/black bar is among the ugliest “innovations” I’ve ever encountered. Let’s hope it goes the way of New Coke, taken back due to popular repugnance.

  2. Hey buddy its almost good except it removes the whole bar so you can not click on news images etc.
    We just need something to change the color background from black back to white.

    1. @Anja – If you use Google Chrome you can remove it from the Extensions. If you use Firefox, you can go to Manage Scripts in Greasemonkey and then remove it from there

      1. I got rid of it — simply began using bing.com or ask.com and I won’t see the google black bar again. When a vendor plows ahead despite user complaints, it’s time to change vendors.

  3. I use FF, I installed Greasemonkey and your script, and it shows it is activated but the black bar is still there.
    I am resentful of Google making me have to find a work around to get rid of this horrible black bar.
    What am I doing wrong? I really HATE this black bar. It offends me and I am furious at google right now.

  4. Thanks Keith,I was glad to see that someone came up with a script so quickly! Unfortunately,for me it’s not working in gmail or google reader where I was hoping it would. Soooo, what I did was use Element Hiding Helper for Adblock. You have to use it on the bar twice to block gbx4 and then gbx3. Works perfectly in gmail and a little less so in google reader but still much, much better than the !@#$%^&* black bar. Looking forward to the update!

  5. Do you think you could make one of these for https://www.google.com? I tried just editing the .js file but I have never used greasemonkey and I can only seem to generate errors.

    I use https:// because Google (so far) skips the annoying google-graphics there (I don’t really mind when they change the logo, but I am on a slow computer and the occasional animated logos cause problems.)

  6. How do I remove the script I just installed to hide the black bar? I need the options on the top, and it has done something weird to my google, everything is out of line somehow!

    Do let me know!

  7. I use Seamonkey browser. I am not very tech oriented. Will your script work for me? I am afraid to mess things up, but I hate that black bar. What were they thinking?
    Thanks a million for your help.

  8. I got rid of the black bar by ditching google and using bing or ask.com as my go-to search engine. IMHO, when a vendor plows on ahead despite overwhelming user complaints, it’s time to change vendors.

    1. Amen! Hated the blackbar. Switched to bing.com, not my first choice, but you do that when google arrogantly ignores you.

  9. install a script to remove the black bar? Are you effin kidding me? First, as if it bugs anyone that much. Second, they will probably come out with something that lets you change it. Themes and what not. THIRD, as if i’m installing some dudes script! That’s how you F up your computer. Hey, the script could be flawless. It could also be crap or a virus. Anyway, blah blah. Script to disable it, too funny. I’m going to write a script that exterminates retards

  10. This leaves this weird white space on the top of google for me and displaces the “about # results in # time” to be in the search box itself, over the search query.

  11. Thank you for this script!!!

    I just have a quick bug to report. When I open a “word” document in Google docs, when I click in the window, it instead puts my cursor one line offset vertically from where I wanted it to be. So in my installation I currently added the line:

    // @exclude https://docs.google.com/document/*

    to the top of the file to fix this problem. It puts the black google bar back up at the top of my window, but at least I can edit the document properly.

    I haven’t tried the presentation but the spreadsheet *appears* to work…

  12. How to remove Google’s Black Navigation Bar:

    Many people complain about Googles Black Navigation Bar,
    When you use Google as your home page. I have spent hours
    On the Web for answers and nobody had one, until I figured,
    How to get rid of it. It is very simple. Don’t use Google.
    Use another Search Engine. Like Webcrawler, Yahoo, Lycos,
    Alta Vista etc. That is it! No Black Bar and Google looses
    A bunch of Money. I like Google but I don’t like that Black Bar.

    Mr. SCG

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