Buck up Google Or We Need A Feedburner Alternative

Feedburner is the most widely used service by websites to deliver RSS feeds and emails to subscribers. Last year, Feedburner was bought out by Google and things have started to go downhill after that.


Feedburner has had lots of problems in the past, and continues to have problems almost every week. The most recent one being a slump in the number of readers for the past two days. It would not have been a problem, but this is not an actual drop in subscribers, it is a drop in "Feedburner reporting", and this problem has continued to plague Feedburner for more than a year now.

I certainly don’t understand why Google is not improving the Technology behind Feedburner, when so many people rely on it. The only two features that were introduced in the past year were Socialize and ability to customize email subject, other than that all we have got are problems.

I believe that many publishers including me might have noticed a huge slump in numbers over the past 2 days. Thanks to Feedburner, we do not even know the problem, no blog updates, no help? Is this how you run a service. Agreed, it is free, but free does not mean we have to use a sucky service.

I am certainly looking for a good Feedburner alternative, not just for email, but for regular RSS subscribers too. This has continued for too long now, and it is time to Google to buck up and deliver or just move out of the way.

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  • I Agree with you. Instead of making improvements with time in its service, feedburner is actually getting worse day by day!
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  • The reason being removal of Freindfeed subscribers from the actual FB list! Google no more bothers to let people know what it is upto. sad attitude.
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    • Yep. You are right. Actually, removing Friendfeed makes sense. It was stupid to consider it anyway.

      That accounts more most of the subscribers. I guess the rest may be just usual Feedburner fluctuations.
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    • Yups, I do know about this, however, this is not the first time and it will definitely not be the last time

  • Same thing happened with me. Couple of hundred subscribers gone in a couple of days!
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  • Hi Keith,

    The FeedBurner service relies on data from our partners (among other things) in order to correctly aggregate readers and subscribers and display that number to you. At times, partners make changes, or simply do not report numbers to us for a period of time. We have chosen to be transparent and display the actual numbers given to us by our partners, and not make up some number or carry over the number from yesterday. In these cases where our API and what partners report get out of sync, we do not view this as a bug in our system, but we obviously need to do a better job of showing publishers which reader or aggregator is "missing" from the reports.

    There was nothing that was done intentionally here either – we didn't choose to remove friend feed from our list or anything like that, though we are working on rationalizing some of the differences between "followers" and "subscribers" in the context of social media.

    Steve Olechowski

    • nezua

      Yet the point remains. Feedburner needs to step up its game.

  • actually everyone who using this agree with this issue.After google takeover the feedburner ,it starts fall down.Google has to do something to develop this service.Nice post..nice issue..great blog.

  • What's with the Uncommon uses you check Known on the Radio Buttons and that's it ????????? is there no submit Button
    Sometimes you can't understand what the Hell you are supposed to do I think the Dashboard in Feedburner is not Very user Friendly