Hey PayPal You Mother Sucking MoneyHole

Hey PayPal,

You Lousy and freaking son of a eBay and Amazon Gun, I don’t care who you are and what you do. Why? Because you charge more than a bank, always charge me some amount of my hard earned and sweat induced money and I still keep quite. I have never raised a voice whenever you have milked me of 2-4% of my hard earned money every bloody time.

Well to start out with, I was definitely upset and pissed off when you pulled out six payments from my account, but more than that, I was pissed off that you pulled off several payments I sent out to people who create an ecosystem around this website and that pissed me off to no end.

Why did I rely on you in the first place to send out payment, because, you are the only so called payment system which allows worldwide payments, and I came to rely on you. I was not really upset that you pulled off so called operations in India, I was more pissed off because you did so without intimating anyone and for the matter of fact you did not even intimate anyone before reversing payments.

If you have any clues about what you did, you might want to read the comments here. I certainly could not pacify them that they lost their hard earned money, all I could assure them was that everything would be alright. But a paunchy ass that you are, you had to go and ruin it by threatening someone that their credit card would be charged for no fault of theirs. At this point I lost both ignorance and patience about you. Why, because for such a long time I had only believed in you and did not withdraw money, but now seriously, if you ask me, I do not even want to keep any money with you.

You would be curious at my outrage, other than the enormous money you have earned from me by milking me every time, along with the Interest you earned on investments, because I trusted you more than a bank.

Well, here is why. First of all I sent a payment to someone who withdrew it to his bank. After a blue moon and when you realized your own problems, you decided to withdraw the money I sent to him. Now that would be fine, but you did not intimate him or me about it. Now after all is said and done, his account went into a negative balance. OH AND WELL IT IS OUR FAULT, WE SINCERELY APOLOGIZE FOR THAT, but still you threaten him that you will charge his mother’s credit card account to recover the dues??? Are you bloody fucking serious? Why the hell did you reverse the payment in the first place? It is our fault that you did not intimate us? Is it our mother’s fault that she decided to activate a credit card with PayPal.

Why the hell should we pay for your fault you mother sucking MoneySucker? Every time you charge us for payments we keep our mouth shut. Every time we send payments and other’s receive it, they have to keep their mouth shut. It is high time we fucking shut PayPal once and forever.

We need a PayPal alternative that is not sleazy and does the job. If you are one, let me know. I will use you and if I like you I will promote you. But, good luck PayPal, you just earned my middle finger.

As a honest and sincere user of PayPal, I ask every other user to withdraw their money and BOYCOTT PAYPAL, BOYCOTT PAYPAL forever. Never accept a payment in PayPal, if you think that this is the last time those assholes did this, you are wrong, if someone really cared about you and YOUR MONEY, they would first tell you about it, it does not matter if you lost $1 or $10000. PayPal fucked up by not intimating its customers before doing what it did. And believe me, when you play with someone’s money without telling them, you not only fucked up, you also lost every bloody fucking credibility you carried around.


Disclaimer: The views in this post are my own and do not reflect that of Techie Buzz.

P.S: I apologize for all the profanities included in this post.

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Keith Dsouza

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  • + 1 Keith. Very well said. Its not a matter of $1 or $100 as you correctly mentioned. Anywhere in the world, business follows one rule "Customers are God", paypal seems to have its own rule.

    Please do not be sorry about the language used in the post. You just wrote what Paypal deserves.


  • Here is the latest scam from PayPal. They are returning withdrawn money to the accounts of Indian account holders. Count your money. YOU HAVE GOT MUCH LESS THAN WHAT YOU HAD WITHDRAWN. PAYPAL HAS STOLEN YOUR MONEY!

    I am one of the many Indian sufferers of PayPal. I had withdrawn the following amounts recently but have got back $172.52 less today! How did this amount get stolen??? Will PayPal authorities take the trouble of explaining it? Or are they so think skinned that they put petty scammers to shame? Why was I returned $172.52 less than what I withdrew?

    Transaction ID #1P466262YW5334011
    I withdrew on 04-Feb-2010 $459.72 USD
    I was returned on 05-Feb-2010 $430.48 USD (the withdrawal was cancelled by PayPal within 8 hours)

    Transaction ID #2B303386B17653802
    I withdrew on 01-Feb-2010 $460.00 USD
    I was returned on 09-Feb-2010 $426.20 USD

    Transaction ID #0T124177Y4852320H
    I withdrew on 28-Jan-2010 $1,099.44 USD
    I was returned on 09-Feb-2010 $1,018.22 USD

    Transaction ID #4Y143209L0476512N
    I withdrew on 01-Feb-2010 $384.57 USD
    I was returned on 09-Feb-2010 $356.31 USD

    Total withdrawn: $2,403.73
    Total returned to my account: $2,231.21

    Total amount stolen by PayPal from my account: $172.52
    How much has PayPal stolen from you? So it is proven they have stolen. Why wait? Go, complain to the police immediately. Let there be at least 5,000 police cases against PayPal.

    • Pinaki was obviously wrong. I checked with Paypal and they have confirmed that the 'difference' will be returned to the account in 24 to 72 Hours.

      Technically, they are making good for all the confusion – albeit slowly.

      We might just have to grow up and understand that businesses can suffer amazing changes when governance & regulation come into play. Allow PayPal sometime and don't shoot your mouth off.

      • Mukesh

        Paypal is reversing the money but also deducting the conversion charges.. I lose around 8-9% of my total withdraws in those shit conversion.

        Here's the eye opening messages for all Indian Providers..

        “Providers of cross-border money transfer service need prior authorization from the Reserve Bank under the Payment and Settlement Systems Act,” a spokeswoman for the Reserve Bank of India, Alpana Killawalla, said in an e-mailed response to questions. “PayPal does not have our authorization.”

        Paypal doesnt wants to get regulated by RBI Laws and still acts and wants to do business like banks.

        Read here -> http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/11/business/global

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  • Monit

    Hey thanks Keith. These are the exact feelings I have about paypal. We should kill the sucker somehow.

    They are the only ones doesnt mean that they will do whatever is desired, playing with peoples money. Paypal Promised to reverse payments but not a single $$ came back in my account. To make it worse I refunded a client payment as I cannot withdraw it and paypal still hasnt credited his account. We need to find an alternative and ban paypal once and forever.


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  • Yes they are really bad in when it comes to updating their customers, they block the accounts on their own wish, they don't think that it will be a good thing to update the customer first about the issue and take action, I think there is a need to replace this Paypal with some good company.

  • Excellent letter to paypal.lol…You have used an excellent way to describe this.

  • bob

    hey dude i read your column about paypal and i thought it was cool as shit you found words that i wanted to say but couldnt think them up like mother sucking moneysucker i hate them they told me i cant get my money until i get feedback from buyer my $212.00 has been in pending for almost 2 wk. but they made sure they took there fees out berore putting in my pending there eating using my money and im starving mother fuckers the longer they tie it up the more money they make and they will keep on thinking up ways to hold it . i have been a seller and buyer for only about a month and im done as soon as i get this money well good luck dude i feel ya

  • This is a nice article written about your experience with Paypal, Keith. I too experienced a similar issues with the paypal amount deduction. However, not as bad as you underwent. We can either have them intimated repeatedly about this problem. Instead of just boycotting, if we all could raise our concern to paypal, may be they could take action in this regard. The idea is people are just addicted to its service, so let us go in the other way.

  • Bilal

    so tru, there full of shit, they tried withdrawing money from my account for no reason and when i contacted them they said i refunded the buyer and didnt have enough funds in my account because i transfered it to my bank account when i fuckin didnt even do anything, fucking cost me £250 there such liers and arseholes full of shit, for you people out there before its too late delete your account before its too late