Hey PayPal You Mother Sucking MoneyHole

Hey PayPal,

You Lousy and freaking son of a eBay and Amazon Gun, I don’t care who you are and what you do. Why? Because you charge more than a bank, always charge me some amount of my hard earned and sweat induced money and I still keep quite. I have never raised a voice whenever you have milked me of 2-4% of my hard earned money every bloody time.

Well to start out with, I was definitely upset and pissed off when you pulled out six payments from my account, but more than that, I was pissed off that you pulled off several payments I sent out to people who create an ecosystem around this website and that pissed me off to no end.

Why did I rely on you in the first place to send out payment, because, you are the only so called payment system which allows worldwide payments, and I came to rely on you. I was not really upset that you pulled off so called operations in India, I was more pissed off because you did so without intimating anyone and for the matter of fact you did not even intimate anyone before reversing payments.

If you have any clues about what you did, you might want to read the comments here. I certainly could not pacify them that they lost their hard earned money, all I could assure them was that everything would be alright. But a paunchy ass that you are, you had to go and ruin it by threatening someone that their credit card would be charged for no fault of theirs. At this point I lost both ignorance and patience about you. Why, because for such a long time I had only believed in you and did not withdraw money, but now seriously, if you ask me, I do not even want to keep any money with you.

You would be curious at my outrage, other than the enormous money you have earned from me by milking me every time, along with the Interest you earned on investments, because I trusted you more than a bank.

Well, here is why. First of all I sent a payment to someone who withdrew it to his bank. After a blue moon and when you realized your own problems, you decided to withdraw the money I sent to him. Now that would be fine, but you did not intimate him or me about it. Now after all is said and done, his account went into a negative balance. OH AND WELL IT IS OUR FAULT, WE SINCERELY APOLOGIZE FOR THAT, but still you threaten him that you will charge his mother’s credit card account to recover the dues??? Are you bloody fucking serious? Why the hell did you reverse the payment in the first place? It is our fault that you did not intimate us? Is it our mother’s fault that she decided to activate a credit card with PayPal.

Why the hell should we pay for your fault you mother sucking MoneySucker? Every time you charge us for payments we keep our mouth shut. Every time we send payments and other’s receive it, they have to keep their mouth shut. It is high time we fucking shut PayPal once and forever.

We need a PayPal alternative that is not sleazy and does the job. If you are one, let me know. I will use you and if I like you I will promote you. But, good luck PayPal, you just earned my middle finger.

As a honest and sincere user of PayPal, I ask every other user to withdraw their money and BOYCOTT PAYPAL, BOYCOTT PAYPAL forever. Never accept a payment in PayPal, if you think that this is the last time those assholes did this, you are wrong, if someone really cared about you and YOUR MONEY, they would first tell you about it, it does not matter if you lost $1 or $10000. PayPal fucked up by not intimating its customers before doing what it did. And believe me, when you play with someone’s money without telling them, you not only fucked up, you also lost every bloody fucking credibility you carried around.


Disclaimer: The views in this post are my own and do not reflect that of Techie Buzz.

P.S: I apologize for all the profanities included in this post.

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Keith Dsouza

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  • That was awesome Keith. I truly agree with your view.

    PayPal should have issued a notice before implementing there new fu*king policies.

    Also they charge too high on our payments which is insane. The worst part is, Paypal has not bothered to issue an official statement yet, in respect to this mess.

    • Paypal is the fucking devil. To the guy saying be less profane, no it won't help, nothing will help. Only someone who hasn't been horsefucked by Paypal would make such a suggestion.

  • Omg, that is certainly one of the most humorous posts ever written on techie buzz. We love you for your profanities.

    Anyway, PayPal has really hit itself on the foot because of this unprofessional behavior. Time shall tell what comes out of this mess.

  • I am also really pissed off. Paypal reversed 3 payments I had received.

  • PayPal is useless, the owener of it will probably die real bad, paypal reversed $900 of my hard earned money and now its no way getting it bac as the company that pays me has really bad support but it does pay on time. I hope i will find some good alternative to paypal.

  • While I sympathize with everyone that has been affected by this rather puzzling and wrong doing by PayPal; I think the post might have been more productive if it wasn't as profane. Just my 2c.

    Has PayPal announced why they took this course; especially only "targeting" users!?

    • @Tony – I apologize for the profanities, but when you play with someone's hard earned money you get pissed beyond patience and which is what was reflected in this post. I could have removed the profanities in ti but I want to let the heart speak on what they did.

      • Mona

        Know what Keith – I could not have worded it better – believe me – I am a mother of two teenagers who constantly admonish my kids on 'Language!' – but having just lost $700 overnight – that was hard earned – midnight oil burning back breaking burning work that I did – I actually wept – then my dismay and disappointment changed to Rage! (this is when I must have said all that you have written in my mind – perhaps even aloud at times) and now I have come to a state of resignation!

    • mickeyfinn

      While I am no fan of gratuitous profanities, I felt they were entirely appropriate in this instance. The apology for their use at the end of the piece makes it quite clear the author is aware of the impropriety and, in fact, highlights the intensity of the issue.

      He, and others, are simply infuriated beyond words!

      Paypal's arrogance is unsurpassed and they seem to be adept at finding new ways of expressing it.

  • I completely agree with ya keith my payments were reversed and i cant do a shit to get it back :( i want my money back:( Paypl u s.u.Ck totally :((

  • David

    Keith we are all with you on this one. Paypal are a bunch of unprofessional @#@ We are suffering like hell.

  • SomeOne

    This is one of the rare articles that comes out right from the heart. Let's link to it guys.

  • Who will stop Paypal's monopoly ? The internet has grown huge in the last decade but why Zero competition for PAYPAL ?

    If there is competition, there is always a choice to switch over.

  • You can use Alertpay, westernunion, atmcash, emoneygram, ikobo, moneybookers, obopay, amazon payment, 2Check Out, Trialpay, E-Junkie, and Digital River.
    Let me know which one you like. LoL

  • This is bad. An online payment company thrives on trust. If PayPal carries around this "I don't give a shit" attitude, it is only making a sore loser out of itself.

  • Aryan

    Hi All,

    I request you all to raise your voice to the top management of paypal. I have made a sheet of 110 contacts of the top paypal executives! I request you to send in your complaints and post your response here!

  • 4 of my payments got reversed….. Withdrawal to my bank account in in air… paypal sucks a BIG time…

  • Wonderful! They truly deserve this.

  • Also see this site http://www.paypalsucks.com/

  • Manjunath

    Hi Keith, its Awesome message to wake up all user to get switched for alternative. I truly agree with you and It hurts lot when hard earned money jumps from you.

    Great message PAYPAL should inform all users at least now!

  • Not only about reversed payments. I had withdrawn money to my account last friday.. and they still havent transfered.

    • I dont mind spending $30 on a wire trf or take a international $ cheque that arrives 10 days late. But I want RELIABILITY! I have people to pay, bills to clear and a peaceful life to live. Just cant take the stress of losing my HARD EARNED MONEY.

      As a matter of fact, I always knew how bad eBay and PayPal can be. I have had my share of issues with eBay, and thats why I never left any CC details with PayPal AFAP.

      PayPal just shot itself in the foot, good luck now, you lost our trust.

  • Try moneybookers.com.
    I made a few transactions using moneybookers last year and everything went very smoothly. They do support money transfers in India.Their fees is comparatively low too.

  • An event Management company sold tickets for its show on paypal.., Amount of over 5 lakh were collected and when they were to withdraw money, Paypal blocked account, asking for fed ex tracking numbers to prove that they've delivered tickets….

  • Send all your complains to Scott Thompson, the President of PayPal… each one of you:
    [email protected] / [email protected]

  • PayPal has robbed me of 5 of my recent payments on 5th and 6th Feb. They amount to $1,055. Of which 2 of the payments (total $196) I have been able to recover, as the clients were good enough. The rest is for work that has been delivered. Now, however nice clients are, they do not show the urge to pay once they have received the service. So I am worried about the remaining 3 payments.

    My questions to PayPal are:
    1. How old payments are going to be reversed (which date)? The payments that were reversed till now came to me between 2 and 6 Feb. Are they going to reverse older payments? There are so many!
    2. Do we need to change our online shopping cart settings now? I have shopping cart in three of my websites : http://www.writer4me.com, http://www.portraitnpainting.com and http://www.online-teaching4u.com. I use Virtuemart shopping cart (for Joomla). Do I need to change any shopping cart setting now that payments must come as payments for “goods”? If so, what?

    3. Why were we not informed 15 days in advance? Who gave the permission to paypal to touch my money? I discover with horror one morning that my account balance is fast disappearing. WHY did PayPal do such a horrendous thing that amounts to no less than scam? They have robbed my account balance without taking my permission. Will such a thing ever be expected of a bank? What will be the reputation of a bank that reduces the account balance without prior permission or information? Will PayPal take the responsibility of re-collecting the amount that was reversed, and that I lost? Why would PayPal not be made to compensate this amount, since I have provided this service already?

    4. I had withdrawn $700 from PayPal on 4 Feb, which was cancelled by PayPal on 5 Feb. Why would a legitimate withdrawal be cancelled? I had withdrawn on 1 Feb also, which has not yet reached my bank account today, on Feb 6th. Come on, what is happening?

    This is no less than a financial scam involving the money of thousands of users. We have lost our money for using PayPal. PayPal should be taken to court for playing havoc with our hard earned money! And I am going to do so.

    On behalf of the service providers of Eastern India, I have complained about this PayPal financial scam, in which thousands of us have lost thousands of dollars, to the Commissioner of Police, Kolkata; Shri Goutam Mohan Chakraborty. His email is: [email protected]. Please mail your complain if you have been scammed & robbed by PayPal. I am also going to release a press release about this and reach out to all national media tonight. We have been scammed by PayPal.

    • Way to go. Well done.

    • Anindya Sundar Manda

      Thanks Pinaki for the bold step you have taken. PayPal is responsible for this situation. So they should return all the money people have withdrawn. PayPal should fix the bad situation created by them.

  • Alex

    It seems Paypal is reversing even payments even made under Goods. WTF had not they send emails that we should ask the sender to send the money under Good. Why the hell did they have to send such decieving messages then. Why did not they inform us to stop all transactions until the issue got resolved. Why did they send those decieving messages, those mother sucking morons. Damn Gaypal Holes.

  • paypal is the hell spawned love child of ebay and the devil

    paypal exists only to feed on your soul

    paypal is like a dirty pair of underwear

    paypal makes me pee blood. out my butt

    paypal is to online commerce as ebay is to a pile of poop. poop with blood in it. not mine. somebody elses. i flush.

    • Keith, Mister Tubbles pwned you. Well done Mister Tubbles, you have proved your worth!

  • I had a worser experience with them 2 years ago…ever since..i haven't seen their homepage. :)

  • Dilip

    love em profanities ;)