OpenBittorrent Tracker Goes Down

I woke up this morning to check on the status of a torrent I was sharing with my friend and to my surprise I saw that the torrent was showing a red status icon.

I looked around to see if everything was ok, and yes everything including my internet connection was working fine.


On further research I checked the tracker and saw the problem, the OpenBittorrent tracker I was using for the torrent is showing as offline.

I tried loading the site but it seems to have some problems, there is no official word from OpenBittorrent yet. Have anyone of you been seeing similar issues with the OpenBittorrent tracker?

Will keep you updated with the further news as I come across it.

8 thoughts on “OpenBittorrent Tracker Goes Down”

  1. It's down again, this time maybe for good. Tracker went offline 3 day before they aired the final lost episode and is still offline. I can't help but thinking it had something to do with the lost episode as they made such a fuss about airing it at the same time world wide to make people watch it live rather than download it, in the UK the episode aired at 5 in the morning. Hollywood and it's minions might just have been stupid enough to think that taking down the tracker would help them. They certainly have enough money to simply bribe someone to shut it down be it the owners, the ISP or even a hacker. Here is a link to an article on their bogus case against obt:

    Keep sharing and eventually these people will be broke and then they'll have no more power over us or anybody.

  2. same problem since i tried to download some music some days ago… but my problems not the same. theres a diff. message: the target computer denied the connection (sry if my english is not correct im austrian :)) but the problem occured only with openbittorrent trackers any different tracker is working normally. strange!

  3. I was downloading a torrent today, and I saw the openbittorrent tracker with status working. Yesterday it did not work at all. It seems a up/down situation to me.

  4. The Openbittorrent is down and probably wont be back up. They are forcing the isp’s to reveal the identity of the owner. Wankers cant leave anything alone. They are cracking down on P2P Porn coz of kids and they are placing most of the blame on open trackers.

    1. the solution will be to have a corporation-like ownership of open trackers; that way ownership will not be able to be pinned on any individual…

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