Doesn’t Microsoft Know How to Write HTML Code?

I am not thrilled every time I get a email from Microsoft, but over time I have definitely started to get miffed at the way they send out newsletters to their users.

It is a generally known fact that images in newsletters and emails are blocked by most of the email clients, including most of those owned by Microsoft. However, they always decide to send out emails which look like this.

Now this email could be viewed in browsers by users, so are Microsoft developers so scared that their code won’t work on Internet Explorer that they decide to opt for images instead?


Come on Microsoft, can you at-least teach your developers to develop HTML emails without using images for everything, so that we can read something that you want to tell us about? We really cannot make out what you mean with the "x" signs, or do they have a coded message for us?

For those who are interested, here is the what the actual Microsoft email looks like.


Ouch, using images for text is just so 2050. Could we have some non-cryptic email’s next time please? Listening Microsoft? If you can’t, then the least you could do is ask your designers to not create something which can be cut/layered using Photoshop, and then pasted into a newsletter with a disclaimer at the bottom.

Note: Before you go ahead and rant, I agree that the design is great, but what is the use if I cannot see any part of the message you intended to send to me?

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