Mac Fans Attack Microsoft Holiday Twitter Feed #holidaywindows

Microsoft and Apple are arch rivals when it comes to operating systems. However, that war has more often than not gone out of hands, even among the closest of friends. It was no surprise then that Mac users started spamming attacking a Microsoft hashtag feed #holidaywindows on Twitter, and started posting anti-MS rants on it.

Microsoft has bought a display window in Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC and were displaying tweets that used the hashtag #holidaywindows on it. As soon as Mac fans got wind of it, they started spamming attacking the feed by posting anti-MS tweets using the same hashtag.

Many of the tweets were displayed on the Saks display, before MS finally pulled the plug on the Mac fanatics fans spam attacks. Some of the tweets that were used to spam attack the feed include:

anti_microsoft_mac_rants anti_microsoft_mac_rants3

anti_microsoft_mac_rants2 anti_microsoft_mac_rants4

Well the attacks are now both ways and MS fans are seen reiterating their Mac counterparts. However, all of those are not on display as Microsoft got smarter and started to filter out the tweets. You can read all the tweets at the #holidaywindows search on .

Talk about Holiday spirits, could this get any worse? Go get or a Mac and have fun :-).

Seattle Weekly [via @Twitter_Tips]

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