Kaspersky’s Free Giveaway Not For Everyone

We have been reporting for the past week on the various for free antivirus from reputed companies like Panda and Kaspersky. Looks like only one of them is keeping true to their original deal.


We tested that you could download a free copy of Panda Internet Security 2010, however don’t expect to be able to download Kaspersky for FREE. The deal was a totally for Windows 7 Launch party attendees dud and a dumb marketing idea. Only users who attended someone’s launch party can download a free copy. Duh.

Unless and until you have the email address of the host of some obscure party, you will not be able to download the so called FREE edition of Kaspersky.


And, if you think you can game the system and enter any email address as the host? Take a look at the above message, to see the end result. This is a definite piss off for several thousand users who have been anticipating to download the security software from Kaspersky.

5 thoughts on “Kaspersky’s Free Giveaway Not For Everyone”

  1. You can’t say it Bullshit coz Kaspersky clearly mentioned that the free license of KIS 2010 is meant only for Windows 7 hosts and attendees.
    The drama is that Indian hosts are unable to get it too.

  2. Kaspersky has clarified that this offer is only for US Hosts and Attendees and they have no hand in this. MS is responsible for it since this offer was included with US Party Packs.

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