Is Google Having a Hard Time Switching FeedBurner Subscribers?
By on August 16th, 2008

We moved our main feed from a Feedburner account to a Google account yesterday, and have had a hard time since then due to various reasons. We have had a problem where more than 50% of our subscribers disappeared along with having a problem with the MyBrand service Feedburner provided users with.

The problem arises with partial move of data from the old feedburner servers to the new Google servers, which involves losing more than half of your subscribers and having to deal with a 404 error for MyBrand, even after you switch from old feedburner MyBrand servers to the new Google servers they provide you with, this is definitely a sore point from our move, and we are also hearing from other sites about the same.

CyberNet has had a issue with the same, and their conversation with Google representatives resulted in this reply:

Your subscriber numbers should come back within 24 hours. It has to do with timing of the various pollers versus the time we did the migration. As all traffic migrates over, your traffic numbers should be reported correctly.

No traffic was lost, it is just that a portion of yesterday is tracked on the old system.

For those who are planning to move to a Google account, you should know that the move will be done by a Google representative due to a lot of backend data in question, that would be needed to be moved to Google servers. This cannot be done by users on their own or through a wizard as of now.

These problems though should have been resolved long back, since Google has been pursuing Feedburner users to move for more than a year now, and with such a big brand at stake we at-least expected the move to be painless, rather than having to sit and worry where half of our subscribers went?

When you move your feeds from feedburner to a Google account, you may have to face a similar problem for at-least a day after your move. Though this should not affect your feed subscribers, according to the response from Google Reps (we are still awaiting a update to happen today before we can confirm it), don’t panic for at-least a day.

If you have facing a problem, even though you have not switched from Feedburner to a Google account yet, Inquisrtr reports of a Feedburner issue many users are facing, you can check that out to confirm where you stand with a loss of feed subscribers.

Are you having a problem after switching Feedburner to a Google Account? Do share it with us through your comments.

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