Intelligent Twitter Bots Are Here To Spam You [Spam Alert]

Ok so we wrote sometime ago how is turning into a spammers paradise, between back then and now, there have been lots of changes, no twitter have not gotten any smarter, they are still doing it manually, however the bots have definitely got much more smarter.

And here are really smart bots on twitter, who are out there to fool users into following them and then start spamming them.

Here are two followers who I saw following and surprise surprise, they both have two nice looking female display pictures and identical tweets.

twitter spammers new avtaar

Now when I visited their profiles, guess what, the both of them had identical tweets.

twitter_spammer_profile_1 twitter_spammer_profile_2

Looking at the tweets I was almost enticed to follow this user, however I do keep a eye on who I follow, this led me to discovering this new way of spamming twitter users.

One advice I would give users before following someone is to open up their profile page and take a look at what they tweet about, this may take you a minute, but it will definitely save you from a lot of spam hitting your timeline.

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  • That’s scary- twitter spammers are much much smarter than blog spam, whose garbled prose and lack of any contextual meaning make them easy roaches to step on.

    I have a different approach for twitter. I turned of all following notifications. I don’t care who follows me. I ony follow people who (a) I know or (b) provide a pattern of interesting, real tweets that earn them my attention.

  • Keith, I learned a valuable lesson, after reading your article, “Never fall into the trap, no matter how sweet the lady was!”

    Thanks for the useful reminder, again!

  • Tim

    At we are working really hard to analyze and recognize the patterns of these spammers. But one of biggest issues is that people will respond to spam twitter posts, giving validity to the spammers.

  • I see this a lot myself, but I also see more devious tactics, which are hard to detect until you look really closely.

    It goes like this. A large number of accounts (10 to 20+) all “chat” to each other. If you actually follow the timelines they run in a circle. On comparison they’ll use the same one-liner jokes and facts, the silimar rss feeds to intersperse authentic links, run innocuous @replies (which don’t add up) – and run the same couple of links all for the same affiliate account.

    What tends to give them away is they break one or two of my golden rules:

    First off I never trust a profile with a pretty girl. I work on the principle that all pretty girls on Twitter are ugly fat male scammers.

    Secondly I always assume (correctly 99/100 times) that all links in profiles are affiliate links scam or worse.

    So when you see a number of people all with the same profile web link…

    Here’s my list of rules : 12 reasons NOT to follow someone

    Als well as putting this sort of thing on my blog I tend to post examples of Twitter spam on my twitpic too. Here’s a few examples, if you are interested. The first is most damning:

    Proof, if any was needed, that @twitter is ignoring the spam problem!
    This guy managed to break nearly every rule I have! Girls photo but a boys name, tweeting to his other accounts, affiliate links as home page, huge scraped following but few posts – and half of them were from feeds

    On a similar vein is a post I did on one of the mass spammers, pushing the twitter traffic machine. He had HUNDRED’S of accounts live at a time – and still does, he’s just learning from his mistakes. He used a random name and photo, but the same bio on every one:
    I’m an ordinary people who are using twitter. I’d like to collect useful twitter tips and categorise them properly .
    I thing he even make trends a few time – using with people asking “Who the **** is johngoogle / jamessunny (etc). Read the article, it’s an eye opener!

    Twittertraffic affiliate mass spammer

    Further evidence spammers own Twitter! I believe Twitter did eventually kill the trend when it got THIS bad :S

    What it all comes down to is this – Twitter is aware of the spam problem – and doesn’t care. My personal feeling is that all the spam accounts artificially inflate Twitter’s user base (by tenfold I’d say) and they like the ‘following factor’ Look at us, we have 32,000,000 accounts.

    Makes me want to go round their offices and belt a few of them upside the head! From a users point of view, really, really sick of the spam – especially the nasty stuff (which the T&C allow!!!). From a corporate point of view, Twitter is big news – but what is the point of getting 1,000,000 followers if only a few thousand are REAL people that actually read the posts. If there a ROI and it this worth the risk factor.

  • Meh. Should have wrote that last comment in a text editor to check it better. Apologies for the typo’s and structural errors! >.<