Google Blocking Access To Websites As Suspected Phishing Site When Using Google Ad Services

If you are a website owner using Google Ad Services Javascript code on your site, brace yourself for some drop in traffic.

Google has been displaying a Warning: Suspected phishing site!message for websites that use the Google Ad Services code on their website. This happens only when users are using the browser to browse to the site.

I came across a very popular site called Venture Beat that may be affected by this problem, take a look at the screenshot below, this was taken while browsing to Venture Beat using Google Chrome Development version.


I can confirm that this also happened on a secondary PC using Google Chrome. In addition to this Google has also been blocking it’s own website Google Ad Services, take a look at the screenshot below.


I am not sure how widespread this issue is, but this will definitely put off visitors from entering your site.

Have you come across this error? Do tell us which sites you saw this error on.

6 thoughts on “Google Blocking Access To Websites As Suspected Phishing Site When Using Google Ad Services”

  1. Hi,

    my site has been hacked and the message is on, my hosting company say they are checking it and doing their best to fix the problem.

    My blog and pixel site say the same ( and I have not put the full link as I don’t want others to follow it.

  2. how do i fix this? My piercer’s website is inaccessible because of this retardedness. I need to get his email and i cant get into his website. SO AGGRAVATING

  3. YES!!!! I am a content writer for a website developer, and can’t access the site to add content!!!! What to do? I know the site, so am certain that it isn’t a phishing site, besides, I won’t even be making any purchases, etc….how can I access my content?

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