Apps Crash After Installing iOS5

I have been using for over a week now and though the new features like instant access to camera from lock screen and the new notification center in iOS5 is worthwhile upgrading, I have been facing constant issues with apps crashing all the time. This even happens in the middle of a game, while reading an email or even using the App store app on the device or using Safari.

It looks like I am not the only person who is facing this issue since there are several threads out there which discuss the problem. Based on most of the threads I was able to fix the app crashing (fingers crossed). However, most of the solutions don’t work so you might have to continue trying different solutions till the apps stop crashing.

Here are some of the solutions you can try out if the apps on your device crash constantly after installing iOS5:

  • Close down all the apps running on your device and try opening up apps to see if they crash. If you are not sure how to check open apps, you can read a guide on multitasking in iOS
  • Download a free app on your device through the App store on your device. This method has known to fix the crashing for several users
  • Reboot your device.
  • Update your apps to the latest version
  • Turn of iCloud sync on the device

If none of the above solutions work for you, try to reinstall iOS5 on your device and then manually sync the apps to the device. Make sure to make a backup of the device before you restore it.

I will keep an eye for more solutions that should fix the app crashes after installing iOS5 and update this post. Please leave a comment if you continue to have problems or used another method to fix the app crashing problem in iOS5.

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  • Runmaster

    I have ios 5.0.1 on my 4th gen ipod touch and so many of the new apps keep crashing that it just isnt funny. older apps seem to work fine but try loading games – especially ones that use the unreal engine and bang – crash city. I have restored my ipod twice. I have delted the apps from the pod and from the computer and redownloaded and reinstalled them to no avail. I have turned off the ipod and shut it down completely again, to no avail. ios5 is just crappy.
    Also, it seems very touch and go to leaving user reviews now. Many apps that I own demand that I must own the app before I can leave a review – even if I already have left a review for a previous version of that app. Weird and stupid. I hate ios 5.0.1

    • cj

      I have got this problem too :// i cant open cydia :// :)

  • Sako

    I think iOS 5 consumes more ram than previous versions. A lot of app crashing with me as well (black ops)