Bug Spotted in Feedburner Socialize Twitter Integration

If you have started to use Feedburner Socialize, here is something that could cause potential problems and piss your followers off. The service has its share of problems. According to Zoli, Feedburner will tweet your posts multiple times if you make edits to them, no matter how minor they are. This can be a real problem if you tend to make updates to posts after they have been published.

Of course, there is no documentation as to whether this is by design or it is a real bug, however, you have been warned. This is why we had also asked you whether it was too early to dump Twitterfeed after all.

Update: This bug has now been fixed according to a comment from a Google Feedburner employee.

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Keith Dsouza

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  • Dan Rodney

    Hi Keith,

    The bug Zoli identified with duplicate tweets was not by design, and has been fixed — the fix was pushed out to our servers earlier this evening. Now each of your feed items will only get tweeted once. Please let us know if you run into any other problems.

    Dan Rodney


    • @Dan – Thanks for the update on this, have updated the post to reflect this

    • Dan,

      I have several Feedburner feeds posting to twitter through Socialize and sometimes a tweet will go out WITHOUT a url then a few minutes later it will go out again WITH the url.

      Can I change a setting to correct this duplication and ensure all tweets go out WITH urls?


    • This issue is still happening for me, each time the tweet is pushed it has a different goog URL as well.