Does Google Have The Rights To Show Misleading Ads?

Quite recently Quick Online Tips was sent a reminder to clearly demarcate ads from the content, this was a usual reminder to improve ad experience and work on making ad clicks more transparent. In addition to that Google strictly asks publishers to not sell text link ads, the penalty being a huge drop in search engine rankings. But does Google follow what they preach?

Absolutely no, as far as I have seen they have broken both the rules they so strictly lay down on publishers by filling in ads that violate:

  1. The rule to clearly discriminate ads from content.
  2. The rule to not sell paid links on any given website

Take a look at few of the screenshot below to understand this unwarranted behavior from Google. This is just one example of a misleading ad, I have seen several others which violate the rules laid down by Google, and are clearly very enticing to click

As you can see from the screenshots, Google is simply not following the guidelines they have laid down, by showing ads without any demarcation whatsoever and also urging users to buy paid links.

As a publisher, without any clear indication that the ads are being served by Google, any user would think that I am selling links on the site, which is completely misleading as far as I am concerned. Because I do not sell text links at all.

In addition to that, the banner also suggests that its being placed as a promotion by the website owner himself, if such ads are not misleading I cannot understand what else would be.

Do you think Google has the rights to overlook laws they make themselves, as a publisher I would not want such sort of ads being placed on my site, not only does it mislead the user, it also is completely against the policies I run the site with.

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