Test If Your Blog/Website Is Blocked In China?

Quite recently we told you about how China had banned and , however those are not the only sites that fail to pass the censorship in place in China.

A recent comment on the Twitter and Flickr banned post from a person from Beijing suggested that China is also banning people who write about the ban, I did check the integrity of the commentator and it was definitely written from Beijing, here is a screenshot that proves it.


I did try to search across to see if this blog was banned in China and came against the Great Firewall of China which is now defunct and does not provide you with an option to check if your website is blocked in China or not.

twitter_china_fail flickr_china_fail youtube_china_fail

However on further research I came across another site that will allow you to check to see whether your website/blog is banned in China, the results it provided were pretty accurate, and looks like Twitter, Flickr and are still banned in China.

Considering that China is has one of the largest Internet population, getting your blog banned would almost be like committing Internet suicide.

What tools do you use to check if your website is alive and OK in China? Feel free to tell us about them.

3 thoughts on “Test If Your Blog/Website Is Blocked In China?”

  1. Well, I’ve checked my website with the tool and it returned with ‘OK’ in the status! Is this means that my site should be OK and can be displayed well in China as well?

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