Don’t Update To Google Chrome Dev v3.0.187.0

If you are using the dev channel for do not download or update the browser to v3.0.187.0, this version is very unstable and crashes the browser whenever you visit the menu item.

This update also breaks favicon’s for several sites, to limit the problems, this update has been disabled from going through the official channels, the Official Google Chrome releases site also makes a note of this issue.

This release has been stopped. The browser crashes whenever you click on a menu item. We’ll be releasing a fix later today. [mal, 11 June 2009]

So expect a new release shortly, if you have upgraded to this version you have no need to worry about installing the new version, the Google Updater automatically does that in the background, you do not have to visit the About Google Chrometo update to the latest version, visiting the option will crash the browser.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Update To Google Chrome Dev v3.0.187.0”

    1. @Mosh lucky you, many users have been facing this problem of Google Chrome crashing, that is the reason they stop auto-updates for this version

  1. Still using it and no sign of via the repository for Linux. I have a feeling the crashes are only with the Windows version and not with Linux (which I’m running).

    Mind you, I think the Windows version has more functionality. You don’t realise how many sites rely on Flash until you use a browser which doesn’t recognise it as yet!

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