Watch Total Lunar Eclipse December 2010 Online Tonight

Watch Total Lunar Eclipse December 2010 Online Tonight

A natural phenomenon, Total Lunar Eclipse will be occurring today and will be visible in North America. This is the last Lunar Eclipse of 2010 and you can watch the Lunar Eclipse happening online.

Total Lunar Eclipse

This is the first Lunar Eclipse to occur since 1638 on the winter solstice and will be visible from North America. The total Lunar Eclipse will occur at 1:32 AM EST/10:32 PM PST and will be viewable across North America. The Lunar Eclipse is set to last for three hours and 28 minutes and is will be viewable between 1:33AM EST through 5:01 AM EST.

If you are keen to watch this natural phenomenon where the Earth’s shadow completely hides the moon, you will be able to do it at the official NASA website at

NASA will also be hosting a live web chat with NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center with astronomer Mitzi Adams. You can follow that chat here. To keep up with all the news from NASA on this historic Lunar Eclipse, visit this page. You can also view pictures of the Lunar Eclipse at NASA’s official group here.

Have fun and don’t miss this Lunar Eclipse Smile.

Update: Here is a video of the Lunar Eclipses that happened last night. Click here if you can’t see it.

(Image Credit: NASA and

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