User Recommendation Marathon #2

It’s been more than 3 years since this blog was started and we have been writing lots of articles out here, many of them answer user questions, which we try to answer to the best of our ability, either through a blog post or directly responding through email.

More than a year ago we also held a user recommendation marathon where we wrote several user recommended posts based on your suggestions, and we are back with the second edition of the user recommendation series.


Once again we want to take a backseat and let our readers tell us what they want us to write about, so go ahead and tell us, BTW here is some background about this series.

What is User Recommendation Marathon?

User Recommendation Marathon is a series where we will write posts based on what readers want us to write about, we take their suggestions, ideas and questions and convert them into posts and publish it on the blog.

This is a no holds barred recommendation series, however we may skip certain things that may not be appropriate to publish on the blog.

How Can You Be Part of the User Recommendation Marathon?

User Recommendation Marathon is all about you as a reader, you choose what we should write about and tell us about it, by either using the contact us form or dropping us a email at tips [at]

Your recommendation could be anything, a question, a suggestion or something else you want us to write about. You just tell us about it and we will do the hard work and write about it.

However while contacting please make sure to tell us it is a user recommendation as we get lots of emails everyday, if you choose to use the contact us form, please make sure to select User Recommendation from the drop down list of reasons for contacting us.

I am a Blogger. How Can I take part in User Recommendation Marathon?

If you are a blogger and want to recommend something to our readers, you can do it with by writing a guest post for us, we will publish the guest post and include links to your blog.

You can send us more than one guest post if you want, no holds barred, however we may edit it to fit our guidelines.

If you want to send us a blog post for the user recommendation, you can directly email it to us at tips [at], please add that it is a user recommendation guest post.

We will run the user recommendation series for a month and write at-least one post a day based on user recommendations, however we expect that to be more than one a day, so go ahead what are you waiting for, tell us what you want us to write about right away.

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