Techie Buzz Debuts as the First Blog in Top 5 for Digital Brand Index for India

Here is another feather which will be added to our collective hats. I am proud to announce that Techie Buzz is the first blog to break into the Top 5 of the Digital Brand Index for India in a study for the Buzziest Channels in India, conducted by Edelman-Brandtology.

Digital Brand Index 2.0 for India by Edelman

The research tracked over 1.5 million online technology brand mentions in DBI 2.0 for the last quarter of 2009. Techie Buzz has made it to the top 5 most popular online brands at #4.

I once again want to take this opportunity to thank everyone on the team and all our readers for helping us reach this position. We hope to continue growing and providing users with the best news we can offer.

To learn more and read about this research you can visit this post by Edelman.

11 thoughts on “Techie Buzz Debuts as the First Blog in Top 5 for Digital Brand Index for India”

  1. That is a great news indeed. Always like to see Indian blog getting success. Wish you all the best with your blog and hope you make proud all of us again by listing your blog in the same row with some of the big name.

  2. Congrats, Techie Buzz!

    You have a lot of great editorials so you shouldn't be surprised that you reached this milestone.

    In the end, if you have good content, you'll come out on top. It just takes a lot of work getting there.

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