Techie Buzz Gets A New Look. Give Us Your Feedback

Change is constant. We endeavor to keep it that way by re-inventing ourselves every now and then. We have constantly made smaller changes over the last few months, but decided to dive into a complete overhaul for the site by giving it a new look, yes we re-designed the site.


We are pretty much excited about the new design and hope our readers like it too.

What We Changed

We changed quite a few things, including give the them a more tighter knitted look that focuses more on the content, a re-designed header which looks much better and gives the page a much more integrated look.

We also re-designed the home page to include featured content that new readers would love to read when they visit the home page, and like always we have been focusing on cutting down on ads and showing lesser and lesser of it to our regular readers.

Design Credits

Re-designing was always on my mind, but I should give Mayank Gupta the due credit for pursuing me to finally overhaul the design, and not to leave behind his team from BlogDesignStudio including Rajat Bhadani and Oliver Efremov and who worked pretty hard with me to make changes however minute they were.

I reserve some special praise for Oliver, who not only created a great design, but also took care of whatever changes I entrusted him with, however minute they may have been, and yes he is pretty good at what he does, the work is pretty much evident here.

Please give us your feedback on the new look and also let us know if you see any errors, looking forward to hearing your views.

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Keith Dsouza

I am the editor-in-chief and owner of Techie Buzz. I love coding and have contributed to several open source projects in the past. You can know more about me and my projects by visiting my Personal Website.I am also a social networking enthusiast and can be found active on twitter, you can follow Keith on twitter @keithdsouza. You can click on my name to visit my Google+ profile.

  • Great work by Mayank and team, looks good.
    Few suggestions- the tags, author and category font looks bit cramped as its in upper case. The text in comments box goes out of the frame when I click outside the box. And do you really need the mybloglog widget, I feel it would increase the load time.
    Overall superb redesign.

  • Nice layout….

  • Great Theme Keith. The blog looks more readable and less cluttered now.

  • Very nice theme buddy! I agree that it looks readable and less cluttered. I do have a suggestion on the home page. The sections towards the bottom – freeware, windows tips, etc.. maybe a little too long. How about maybe having like 5 with more link? Just my $0.02.

    Congratulations overall with the pleasing look and a fresh new start to TB! :-)

  • a very cool design and requires less loading time now :D
    But in FF it is viewing very bad …

  • Nice work By Mayank and team. The visibility of the posts have increased now.

  • Love the comment area and the twitter icon on the sidebar.. cute :) The top navigation bar looks wonderful.. Would love to see categories as a different widget on the top for easy navigation.. and I hope this problem is also rectified..

  • A very fine new look. I like it :)


  • New theme looks cool, but text boxes are not visible :( dont know why this is happening.

  • Congrats Keith for this design. It surely looks less cluttered now and I would like to point out a thing. Though your homepage validates but single posts doesn’t. I am facing a similar issue.

  • Cool theme! Nice selection

  • jam

    Nice header :) i liked the colors and the font, it is looking more

  • Nice refresh Keith, everythings looks better, cleaner and more appealing now. Kudos to the design team :)

  • Please check it once in FF2, The header looks cluttered. What exactly happens is that the logo will be in the top, then the ad will start from the next line [left padding is as intended, it is at the right portion of header] of the logo pushing the navbar and search below the intended position.

    Hope this much explanation is enough – check in FF2, my version is

  • I like the new design. I would say that the font that you have used on the content area below Top Posts, Most Popular, Categories, Recents etc is too big, its a bit crowded over their.

  • I love the design, I especially love the moving tag cloud, is it a plug-in? I would love to do that on my blog as well.

  • The leave a comment thing is acting weird…maybe its my computer?

    The load time is better :)

  • I did not get the pleasure of seeing the site before the re haul but definitely like what I am seeing now. Smooth flow, nice site layout…Great job!

  • Kudos on the new layout, there is however a small problem with the “Leave a Comment” section. Not sure if you guys have seen it, but you may want to take a quick look at it.

  • Keith Dsouza

    Thanks everyone for the responses.

    @Nirmal I am working on few things in that area, will update the theme once I am finished, also the MyBlogLog widget is much more faster than earlier.

    @K-InTheHouse Actually I had more links, since it is the home page and the new visitors can get access to more content at one go, but will try it out with more combinations.

    @Mayur FF should be fixed now.

    @Rockstar Sid – The comment issue should be fixed now.

    @abhishek – The textbox issue has been fixed.

    @Ashfame – Yups I know that, there are few things I am working on to fix those errors.

    @Pavan – The theme is now fixed in Firefox 2.

    @Goran – Thanks for the suggestion, I will work on that and reduce the font soon.

    @JR – Yes it is a WordPress plugin called WP Culmulus.

    @Edward – Sorry, that problem was on our end, but it should be fixed now.

    @SoLinkable – Thanks, the comment form issue should be fixed now

  • Great looking simple yet stylish design. Great work!

  • Keith, Feels so bad that I came to know this late. In fact I used to check the site for changes after you had initially announced the redesign. missed two days and there it is.
    Wicked ! Wicked ! Wicked ! I’m too happy for the new design. Keep rocking !!

  • Yan

    Kudo to the designers for a great job but somehow it find it a bit ‘noisy’ at first sight but then most tech blogs are heavy on images anyway..

    Otherwise, it’s great.

  • I haven’t seen the older version of TB, but this newer is amazing and cool .

  • Great redesign, the site is more streamlined. Less clutter and more organized :)

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