Techie Author Introduction: Elise Hines

Here at Techie Buzz we are always trying to give you the best news and views about technology. We have a belief that multiple authors adds more variety to a site and there are always people who join our team to give you the best views from their perspective.

Today we are proud to introduce a new author Elise Hines who has joined the team to bring you the latest tech news and help you know your technology head on.

My name is Elise Hines, and I recently joined the Techie Buzz team. I’m originally from NYC, but now I reside in NC. I am a Technical Writer, but I come from a background in Windows and Mac technical support and training.

I enjoy learning new technologies, ogling gadgets, and writing about my experiences with them. I am a Blackberry lover, and I have also worked for a few wireless companies, so I am very interested in the progression of wireless communications, and new developments in the Smartphone market.

I appreciate the opportunity to blog about what I love here on Techie Buzz, and I hope that you’ll enjoy my articles.

Please join us in welcoming Elise to the team. You can also catch up on Elise’s personal blog at Blackberry,blogging,Elise Hines,technology,wireless