Watch Total Lunar Eclipse December 2010 Online Tonight

A natural phenomenon, Total Lunar Eclipse will be occurring today and will be visible in North America. This is the last Lunar Eclipse of 2010 and you can watch the Lunar Eclipse happening online.

Total Lunar Eclipse

This is the first Lunar Eclipse to occur since 1638 on the winter solstice and will be visible from North America. The total Lunar Eclipse will occur at 1:32 AM EST/10:32 PM PST and will be viewable across North America. The Lunar Eclipse is set to last for three hours and 28 minutes and is will be viewable between 1:33AM EST through 5:01 AM EST.

If you are keen to watch this natural phenomenon where the Earth’s shadow completely hides the moon, you will be able to do it at the official NASA website at

NASA will also be hosting a live web chat with NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center with astronomer Mitzi Adams. You can follow that chat here. To keep up with all the news from NASA on this historic Lunar Eclipse, visit this page. You can also view pictures of the Lunar Eclipse at NASA’s official group here.

Have fun and don’t miss this Lunar Eclipse Smile.

Update: Here is a video of the Lunar Eclipses that happened last night. Click here if you can’t see it.

(Image Credit: NASA and

Live Updates From WWDC 2010 Keynotes and Events

Alright folks we are all set to start the big day in the next 30 minutes or so. will start out with a Steve Jobs Keynote and continue with other events throughout the day.

WWDC 2010

We will be covering the WWDC 2010 Keynotes live through our new live blogging site

Join us at the above site to get live updates and scoop about the WWDC 2010 event. There are no live streams available right now, but you can always check back on the WWDC 2010 live stream page for updates on streams.

Have fun and hope to see you at the WWDC 2010 live coverage at Techie Buzz.

Happy Birthday Techie Buzz, We Just Turned 4

I still remember the day when I decided to go and buy the domain, back then I did not know whether I wanted an hyphen or not and did not even know what kind of domain would work, however, I did know that I was a "Techie" and wanted to create a "Buzz" around it.


This is how Techie Buzz came into existence and it has been 4 years now and I never once looked back and said I could have done something better than this. Thanks to the blog I have not only seen success but made lots of friends in the process.

With time there have been several changes, some of them drastic which many of our users have liked and some haven’t, however, you cannot always please everyone and have to do things you feel comfortable doing.

Rest aside, it has been an incredible year so far and I very much pleased with the growth and level of contribution from our authors and readers as well, this goes to show that we are actually doing something right.

To put some numbers into perspective, we get over 2 million views on the site in addition to over 7000 regular readers and more than 5000 fans and are constantly growing, do around 150-200 posts a month and have ~6300 posts in total.

We at Techie Buzz always strive to achieve success and provide quality content, we also hope to improve on our success and keep growing in future too.

We hope you join us in this celebration and wish us all the luck for the future, this has been a fantastic journey and one which still has a long road to cover. The journey wouldn’t be fantastic without your support through all this.

Oh and yes, we did not do a this year, but we promise our readers that we will have a amazing bash in the near future. Here is to 4 years of Techie Buzz. Happy Birthday.

Guest Bloggers And Contributors For Techie Buzz

Of late we have been getting a lot of requests from guest bloggers who want to contribute and write permanently for Techie Buzz, however, we often have to reject those offers due to several reasons.

We don’t like to deject users, so we are starting out with a new way to have your posts published on Techie Buzz through permanent contributor accounts at Techie Buzz. Contributor accounts will be able to write posts for Techie Buzz and get them published to a wide audience of readers.

Contributors on Techie Buzz can write any number of posts for the site which is related to our niche. However the posts they write will be credited to them instead of us having to publish guest blogger posts.

In addition to getting credited for the posts you write, you will also get to work with our editorial team and improve upon your mistakes (if any), and also get help to write posts in a better way.


Contributing editors will also get to add a Bio and link to their own websites on the posts they write for Techie Buzz as pictured in the screenshot above. The best part is that you will join the Techie Buzz team and be part of the community.

Interested? Oh yea I hear you, send out an email to keith [@] with a brief profile on where you write currently and why you want to become a contributing editor for Techie Buzz.

Please add “Contributor Application” to the email you send out so that I can easily find out for what the emails are being sent for.

Note: This is not a paid gig and will not involve any revenue sharing, any posts you contribute to Techie Buzz will become the property of Techie Buzz and cannot be republished elsewhere. We also reserve the rights to not publish the articles you contribute, however, unpublished articles can be used on any other site.

Techie Buzz Is Hiring Again, Apply Right Now

Techie Buzz is growing to become one of the best blogs on the Internet, and we have an awesome set of writers who contribute towards making it a success. However, we are now into an expansion mode for our new channels and content offerings.


So why are we waiting then? Let’s get down to the details. This time around we are looking for authors around specific niches to add more value to our news and offerings. If you fit into any of the categories below, just drop everything and email keith ‘@’ and we will get in touch with you.

  • Android Geeks – We are looking for guys/gals to cover one of the most happening OS in the mobile industry.
  • Ubuntu / Gnome Experts – Have the Open Source gist in you? We are looking out for you.
  • Gaming Nerds – Love to play? We love you too, just drop in with your console and we can play together.
  • Indian Startup / Technology – Love Startups and Technology from India? We too, so get in touch and we can converse.

As always we offer a very comfortable environment to work in with lots of fun and frolic happening behind the scenes, so if you want to be part of all that, you know what you have to do.

Rules for Applying

Are you interested in writing for us? How do you get in touch with us? Just drop a email to keith [@] Please make sure to include the following details, all are not required but it helps.

  • Why do you want to write for Techie Buzz?
  • What area(s) you can cover from the above list?
  • Have you written elsewhere or own a blog? If so please provide samples.
  • How often can you contribute?
  • Anything else you might want to include is welcome.

Once I get your email, I will get in touch with you and personally discuss things and we can take it forward from there. Looking forward to having YOU on the Techie Buzz team.

Techie Buzz Debuts as the First Blog in Top 5 for Digital Brand Index for India

Here is another feather which will be added to our collective hats. I am proud to announce that Techie Buzz is the first blog to break into the Top 5 of the Digital Brand Index for India in a study for the Buzziest Channels in India, conducted by Edelman-Brandtology.

Digital Brand Index 2.0 for India by Edelman

The research tracked over 1.5 million online technology brand mentions in DBI 2.0 for the last quarter of 2009. Techie Buzz has made it to the top 5 most popular online brands at #4.

I once again want to take this opportunity to thank everyone on the team and all our readers for helping us reach this position. We hope to continue growing and providing users with the best news we can offer.

To learn more and read about this research you can visit this post by Edelman.

Moved To New Powerful Servers

Hi to all our readers, we know that you might have been facing some problems while accessing the website for past few days. However, it was not a problem with our servers, it was a planned move to move to a more powerful and stable server.

For the past one year we have been running the site on a Ubuntu Hardy server, however, we have now made the switch to Karmic Koala, for several reasons.

  • Karmic Koala is the latest version of Ubuntu and is more powerful than Hardy.
  • Karmic Koala has a huge support base as compared to Fedora and RHEL.

For those of you who are interested in the new setup, here are some juicy details:

  • Our new server is from Slice Host and runs on Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala), is powered by Quad Core processors and has RAID10 storage.
  • It has 4GB of dedicated RAM.
  • Our cache server to host images and other assets is powered by Dreamhost.
  • We run a custom setup of Nginx, MySQL 5, and PHP 5 with PHP Fast CGI.

We have seen a huge jump in the site load times and this will eventually benefit our readers. Please let us know if the site loads faster or slower for you.

As further planned maintenance, we will be redesigning the homepage and other aspects of the site to make it load blazing fast no matter what type of connection you use.

These changes will be gradually rolled out over the month, so hopefully by end of January 2010, Techie Buzz should load in 1-2 seconds for most of our users.

Oh and yes, we will still continue to bring you the best news and views as usual. Thanks once again for all your support.

Firefox Tops on Techie Buzz, IE Second, Chrome 3rd [2009 Stats]

2009 is over and I decided to take a look at the stats to figure out on some trends. Most of the trends are based on the Google Analytics stats I have and is based on stats from January 2009 to December 2009.

2009 Stats and Goals for Techie Buzz

Summary of the Stats for 2009

  • Approx 9 million page views were recorded for the year, most of it coming in the last quarter of 2009, we did ~million views in December 2009 and will possibly hit 2-3 million views per month by February or March 2010.
  • 43% of users visiting Techie Buzz used Firefox, 34% used Internet Explorer, 12% used , 4% used Safari and 3.5% used .
  • Approx 4 million unique users visited the site using Firefox. Most of the users visiting the site had Firefox 3.0 or better browsers.
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 and IE8 were the top browsers for IE.
  • Windows dominated the OS segment followed by Mac, Linux, iPhone, Symbian OS and Android.
  • Most of our visitors come from United States followed by India, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

Other Interesting Stats

  • Our servers had a uptime of 99.8% thanks to some heavy tweaking from me, we will be moving to more powerful servers in near future.
  • We used by 3.5TB of bandwidth for the whole year.
  • We did two re-designs for the site this year.
  • We now have more than 25 authors writing for the site.
  • We have ~9000 combined regular readers and more than 2000 fans.

What You Can Expect to See in 2010

  • More high quality news and views from us. More breaking news, and software reviews, deals, mobile news.
  • More hands-on reviews. We are in talks with device manufacturers, so expect to see some really good reviews coming through.
  • More participation in Tech events and better reporting.
  • A much more faster and cleaner interface for users.
  • More giveaways. We are in talks with some of the leading software publishing companies, so you can expect more freebies exclusively from Techie Buzz on a regular basis.
  • Nothing but the best.

2009 has been a great year, and we have succeeded in building a good team. 2010 should see the best we can give to you in form of news, views and reviews.

Thank you for all your support, and here is looking forward to a great 2010.

Happy New Year 2010 from Techie Buzz and a Google Easter Egg

Oh boy, what a year it has been, all the ups and downs finally add up to 2010. Hopefully, 2010 will be an even better year. Everything aside, we will keep trying our best to deliver the best news, to the best of our abilities. Hope you enjoy being around with us.

Happy New Year from Techie Buzz

I personally take this opportunity to wish all our readers and visitors a Very Happy New Year, hope 2010 makes all your wishes come true.

Google Easter Egg


Remember the Google New Year countdown timer we told you about? Well, it is actually an Easter egg. Depending on your location, and whether or not it is new year already, load and click on the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button to see some Google magic. Oh and don’t type anything in the search box though.

Image courtesy of Tech Crunch. You see I have around 8 more hours to go before I am officially changing my calendars to 2010.

Happy New Year 2010 from the Techie Buzz team.

Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas

It is the time of the year where many people forget about everything and celebrate the holidays, likewise we understand that everyone would be taking a break and heading out for holidays. I want to take this opportunity on behalf of the entire Techie Buzz team, to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. We all hope you have a very fun filled weekend.


Have fun this holiday and don’t forget to check out some we have told you about lately.

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