Beware Of Microsoft Critical Update Emails [Imposter Emails]

Email scamming has gone to a new level with people using different ways to scam innocent people. One such email doing the rounds these days is the Microsoft Critical Update Email. The email claims that Microsoft has released a critical update which should be downloaded in order to fix a critical security issue with Windows.

We urge our readers to not click on any links in the email as it is not a update but most probably a scamster trying to get users to install spyware or trojans which can compromise critical information such as bank accounts and password.

The email has been circulating recently and is not being caught by spam filters, if you receive any email for updating your Windows, mark it as spam without opening it.

Here is a snapshot of the email we received in our Inbox today. The link in the email  leads to a imposter site. Click on the image to enlarge it.

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