Income Report For Techie Buzz In May 2009

After lots of questions with regards to this and a poll where most users wanted to know about the income, here is income report for Techie Buzz in May 2009, I don’t feel comfortable doing this and it may probably be the last time I do it.

However here are the details though, Techie Buzz made $3782.60 $3861.5 in the month of may, here are the break downs for it.

$1565.23 1,644.13 updated missed something in previous report, screenshot here.

CPM Ads – $687.49 (This should go up next month since we switched networks)

InText Ads – $476.23 (This should go up next month since we switched networks)

3rd Party Ad Sales $476.23

Affiliate Sales – $153.65

Private Ad Sales / Reviews – $900

I have not included income for the professional work I undertake to write on other sites. Cheers and have fun, don’t expect me to do the income report again though, I really am uncomfortable doing it.

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Keith Dsouza

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