Important Alert: Secure Your Home WiFi Connection

Though we do not advertise personal feelings, we do apologize for doing it in this post, we could not resist since this is definitely a important alert on why you should secure your personal Wifi connection for you home connection. Please share this with your family and friends, this is not a attempt to popularize this post but to show how important it is to have a secure WiFi connection.

Recently there were series of bomb blasts back in India, minutes before the bomb blasts a email was sent out to authorities saying that something bad would be happening.

This email was traced back to a location back in Mumbai, investigators were led to believe that the email was sent from a apartment, but nothing came out of it. With further investigations it was revealed that, the person whose network connection the email was sent out from had a unsecured Wifi connection.

This unsecured Wifi connection was used by the people who planted the attack to send out a email to the authorities, thus sabotaging the life of a innocent person.

We at Techie Buzz highly urge our readers to secure your Wifi connection so that you can only access it when you use a security key like WEP, having a unsecured network can lead to several unwanted complications.

You can read about how you can secure your wireless networks here, here, and here.

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