Google Tributes Mahatma Gandhi on His Birthday

It was really good to see Google celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday by adding a doodle on their home page. The doodle replaces the G in Google with a picture of Mahatma Gandhi.

The doodle is to celebrate the birthday of Gandhi, also known as Gandhi Jayanti which is a national holiday in India.


Mahatma Gandhi was (and is still) known for his non-violence and charisma, and played a big role in achieving independence to India.

It is definitely good to see Google paying tribute to a great personality. You can see a doodle that pays tribute to Gandhi by visiting the Indian page of Google Search (

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  • Gandhi Mahatma is always remained as the hero of the India, Keith. He’s greatly a legend and giving many inspiration to the younger generation…

  • This is very nice of google. If you notice carefully, the background of the doodle/logo resembles the khadi cloth (A coarse homespun cotton cloth made in India) which he always preferred.

  • thank you good..=) for remembering great soul>>>