Complete Slicehost, Linode or VPS Setup for LAMP, NAMP and WordPress [Services]

Congrats on making a decision to move from a shared hosting to a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Now that you are there you need to setup things from scratch including setting up your own web server, PHP servers, MySQL servers and more.


If you are a newbie to all these things you might not be able to do that with ease and professional services cost you a bomb.

To save you from paying a ton of money to just get started out and also from taking too long to move from shared hosting to a VPS like Slicehost or Linode, I am offering my services to make the move seamless for a minimal amount.

Basic VPS Setup Package

NAMP Server (Linux, Nginx, MySQL and PHP [FastCGI]) from Scratch

This is a recommended setup if you just wish to use you get the best out of limited resources. I have been using Nginx on this site and it works like a charm serving 10000s of users on a day to day basis without crashing.

LAMP Server (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) from Scratch

In this package I will setup Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP on your VPS server and optimize all the settings for optimal usage.

WordPress Setup and Migration [Add-on Service]

If you are moving from a shared hosting you will have to setup and do other things like migrate your MySQL database, themes and plugins.

I will help you will all of this and also setup your server with WP Super Cache a excellent plugin to cache your files on any of the Basic VPS setup you choose.

Server Monitoring Scripts to Restart Server When it Goes Down [Add-on Service]

Monitoring and managing a VPS server can be quite a headache, in this add-on service I will setup scripts that will monitor your server resources and automatically restart Apache/Nginx and other monitored services when it stops working.

These scripts are very useful if you want to sleep peaceful nights without having to worry your server going down and when you don’t want to spend more money to upgrade your VPS plans.

FTP Servers and Server Remote Management [Add-on Service]

By default you will not require FTP servers for your VPS and can use SFTP instead, if you require a FTP server to be setup, I can do that and also create users and restrict them to certain directories.

In addition to that I will also help to setup a remote server management tool that you can use to monitor system status, create users, add virtual hosts, start and stop services and more.

Any Additional Requests

In addition to that you can also ask for additional services which will be considered as add-on services.

If you are interested in getting your move to your own VPS server like Slicehost or Linode a piece of cake and want the best setup for a low cost you can contact me at [email protected] to get full pricing details and setup information.

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