Happy Birthday Techie Buzz, We Just Turned 4

I still remember the day when I decided to go and buy the domain techie-buzz.com, back then I did not know whether I wanted an hyphen or not and did not even know what kind of domain would work, however, I did know that I was a "Techie" and wanted to create a "Buzz" around it.


This is how Techie Buzz came into existence and it has been 4 years now and I never once looked back and said I could have done something better than this. Thanks to the blog I have not only seen success but made lots of friends in the process.

With time there have been several changes, some of them drastic which many of our users have liked and some haven’t, however, you cannot always please everyone and have to do things you feel comfortable doing.

Rest aside, it has been an incredible year so far and I very much pleased with the growth and level of contribution from our authors and readers as well, this goes to show that we are actually doing something right.

To put some numbers into perspective, we get over 2 million views on the site in addition to over 7000 regular readers and more than 5000 fans and are constantly growing, do around 150-200 posts a month and have ~6300 posts in total.

We at Techie Buzz always strive to achieve success and provide quality content, we also hope to improve on our success and keep growing in future too.

We hope you join us in this celebration and wish us all the luck for the future, this has been a fantastic journey and one which still has a long road to cover. The journey wouldn’t be fantastic without your support through all this.

Oh and yes, we did not do a this year, but we promise our readers that we will have a amazing bash in the near future. Here is to 4 years of Techie Buzz. Happy Birthday.

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Techie Buzz, We Just Turned 4”

  1. Happy Birthday Techie Buzz. Its been an amazing 4 years, and you have filled Techie Buzz with lot of useful resources that we come back to read.

    Keep rocking..

  2. Congratulation Keith. Geeky Ninja is just 1 year old and is not even 1/4th as successful as techie-buzz, but I can understand the joy you must be feeling right now. Here's to 4 more years (or decades) of success :-)

  3. Great achivement Keith ..4 year is long time and you have done great job so far. Wish you luck for your future work and my luck to your blog and hope it will grow more with time.



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