Voodoo Louder Now Available For Galaxy S2 and Note
By on January 1st, 2012
The Samsung Galaxy S came with a Wolfson audio chip, whose true potential was unveiled by supercurio’s Voodoo Sound mod. The Vooodoo Sound mod was then portred by Supercurio to many other Android handsets and tablets, which use the Wolfson audio chip. In my opinion, a Voodoo’d Galaxy S or Nexus S is right among the best music players users can lay their hands upon right now.
However, many Galaxy S owners who got the Galaxy S2, were in for quite a shock and disappointment to know that the Galaxy S2 came with an utter crap audio chip from Yamaha. Many people expected supercurio to do his Voodoo Sound magic on the SGS2 as well, and improve its audio quality miraculously. Sadly, supercurio stated that the Yamaha chip used by Samsung on the Galaxy S2 has no room for any improvements in audio quality and so he won’t be working on it.


Well, that was quite a few months ago. Now, supercurio has released a new sound mod for the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note owners known as LOUDER! The mod does not improve the sound quality of the S2 or the Note in anyway. It only allows users to increase the overall loudness of the sound without decreasing or affecting the sound quality in anyway. 

On the Galaxy S2, the Louder increases the analog volume by +6dB and by +10dB on the Note by via the digital and analog amplification. Readers should keep in mind that Voodoo Louder is in no way same as Voodoo Sound for the Galaxy S and other handsets. While Voodoo Sound also increases the sound quality, Voodoo Louder only increases the overall volume of the music output via headphones and does nothing else. 

The Vooodoo Louder app can be downloaded for free from the Android Market, but app needs to be unlocked via an in-app purchase before it can be used. Voodoo Louder also requires root access, and a custom kernel with some Voodoo Louder config files. 
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