Turn Off Samsung Galaxy S2′s 2nd Core To Save Battery
By on November 16th, 2011

In the Android ecosystem, 2011 has been all about dual-core processors, bigger displays, thinner phones and oodles of RAM.

Now, while dual-core processors may lead to an increase in performance, they can also drain your phone’s battery life like anything, when put under heavy load. Even at idle, or when running at lower-frequencies, a dual-core CPU sips more power compared to a single-core CPU.

What if are going on a trip, and will be using your phone only for taking pictures and want to prolong its battery life?  What if you could disable one of the cores of your dual-core powered phone so as to increase its battery life?

Samsung Galaxy S II owners, unarguably the hottest Android phone on the planet right now, can easily turn off one of cores of their dual-core Exynos SoC to improve the battery life of their phone.

Galaxy SII owners need to keep in mind that they must have a rooted phone, with a custom kernel flashed, else they won’t be able to turn off one of the cores of their phone. At the moment, only Siyah’s custom kernel and Tegrak’s LULZ kernel support this app.

Step 1: Head over to the Android Market, and download and install the 2nd core application from Tegrak.

Step 2: Fire up the app, and then select the ‘Single Core mode’ to switch off one of the cores of your phone’s dual-core processor.

The default option is ‘Dynamic Hotplug’ which turns off one of the core of the phone when not required.

Alternatively, users can select the ‘Dual core mode’ which will make sure that both the cores of the processor are always switched on so as to increase its performance.

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