TriangleAway App Resets The Flash Counter/Removes The Triangle Icon On The Galaxy S II
By on February 13th, 2012

Samsung, unlike HTC and Motorola, has always shipped its phones with open bootloader. This definitely makes the job of developers to create new mods, develop new kernels for the phone easier.

While the Samsung Galaxy S II also comes with an open bootloader, there is a major issue with it. If a user flashes a custom kernel, it will activate a flash counter on the phone, which keeps count of the number of time a custom kernel/firmware has been flashed on the handset. It will also display a Warning triangle icon, whenever a user starts his phone. Even flashing a stock firmware won’t de-activate or remove the flash counter/warning icon.

While this flash counter/warning triangle does not pose any kind of problem on a daily basis, it will pose a problem when you take your Galaxy S II to a Samsung authorized service center.

Until now, the only way to reset the flash counter to 0, and to remove that warning sign from the boot-up screen is by using a USB JIG.

One of the most talented developers for Samsung Galaxy S II – Chainfire – has now released an app – TriangleAway – that allows users to reset the flash counter and triangle on their Galaxy S II.

Before you get all excited though, keep some things in mind. Use the app only if absolutely necessary. You can brick your Galaxy S II, if something goes wrong. The only way to recover your Galaxy S II would be to either use a JTAG board or a motherboard replacement.

Secondly, the app only works on Ice Cream Sandwich based ROMs, including the Samsung leaks, CM9 and MIUI. Also, keep in mind that the app might not work in the future ICS based firmware from Samsung. Interested Galaxy S II owners can download, and read all the technical details on how TriangleAway works from here.

While the Samsung Galaxy Note also has a flash counter, the app won’t work on it. The app might work on future Ice Cream Sandwich based firmware for the Note, but its not yet confirmed.

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