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By on February 22nd, 2012

­­­There are quite a lot of free quality applications available in the Android Market. The Go Developer team is among them. Not only do they offer some excellent apps, they do so for free! In fact, their apps like Go Launcher Ex, Go SMS and now GoLocker are all among the Top Free apps section in the Android Market.

Go Locker was recently released by the Go Developer team in the Android Market. It is a free lockscreen replacement app, which will work only if you use GoLauncher Ex as the default launcher on your phone. Even though Go Locker is pretty new, compared to some other popular lockscreen replacement apps for Android like MagicLocker and Widget Locker, the app has still gained enough popularity, and its user base is increasing daily. There are also quite a lot of beautiful themes available for Go Locker in the Android Market.

Below is my list of what I think are the top 10 themes available for Go Locker on the Android Market -:

10) Go Locker ICS Theme – In Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Google introduced a new lock screen which allows easier and quicker access to the Camera app. Ever since then, every Android user wants the Ice Cream Sandwich based lock screen on his phone.

The ICS theme for Go Locker perfectly replicates the Ice Cream Sandwich lock screen, right down to the animation. No wonder it is among the most popular themes available for Go Locker in the Android Market. The Go Locker ICS Theme can be downloaded for free from the Android Market.

9) iLock Go Locker Theme – Except for the disastrous stock lock screen wallpaper, the iLock theme for Go Locker is pretty simple and elegant. The theme is somewhat inspired from the iOS lockscreen, and has a slider at the bottom which unlocks your phone. When the user is unlocking the phone, the Time and Date section of the theme are replaced by a Lock animation, which definitely adds an extra level of polish to the theme.

The iLock Go Locker Theme can be downloaded for free from the Android Market.

8) Diva Theme Go Locker – No, the Diva theme for Go Locker does not contain some hot babe showing her precious assets. The theme uses big, WP7 like fonts to display the date and time. Below it, are three pre-defined quick access shortcuts and the Unlock option. Like quite a few Go Locker themes, the Diva theme provides users with quick access to the Phone and Messaging app of the phone. The theme also shows the charging notification at the bottom, with a nice animation.

7) Go Locker Sense Theme – The Go Locker Sense theme is one of my favorite themes available for Go Locker. The theme is inspired from HTC’s Sense 3.0 based lock screen, but is not similar or a copy of it in any way.

The Sense theme offers quick access to the Phone and Messaging app of your phone, and also shows a big Battery bar in the center when the phone is being charged. To open the Phone or the Message app, users drag their respective icon in the center ring. To 8unlock the phone and go directly to their homescreen, users just need to pull the central ring. The Go Locker Sense Theme can be downloaded from the Android Market for free.

6) Go Locker Green Theme – The Go Locker Green Theme is made by the Go Dev. Team and just like all their other work, is a top-notch theme. The Green theme offers shortcuts to the Phone and the Messaging app, and will also show a small icon notifying users of a missed call or a new SMS. The Green theme for Go Locker can be downloaded for free from the Android Market.

5) Go Locker 3D Worm Theme – The 3D Worm theme for Go Locker is definitely one of those themes, which will make people go “Wow!” when they first see it. However, I doubt many people will use this theme on a day to day basis, since it does not show if you have any missed calls, emails or new SMSes.

There is a Worm and a Bettle on the screen which roam around on your screen, and to unlock the phone, the user needs to slice the Worm. Cool eh? Here is the download link of the theme.

4) Metro UI Go Locker HD – The name of the Metro UI theme might trick users into thinking that it mimics the WP7 lockscreen. However, the theme is nowehere similar or even close to the Metro interface used by the Redmond based company.

The theme offers quick access to the Messaging, Camera, Phone and the Web Browser of your phone, apart from unlocking it. Its tough to explain the theme in words, so below is a video of it in action -:

The theme does not have any customizability options right now, but the developer is working hard on adding them. So all those images you see in the video above, you gotta live with them unless the developer updates the theme and add support for custom images. The Metro UI Go Locker HD theme can be downloaded from the Android Market for $0.99.

3) Rolling Ball Go Locker Theme – The Rolling Ball theme for Go Locker is another of those 3D themes with a nice twist. The theme basically sets a very easy labyrinth game as your lock screen. To unlock their phone, users need to navigate the rolling ball inside the hole. If that is too much to ask for, users can also press the small lock icon at the bottom of the screen and then unlock their phone by using the iPhone like slider which pops up on the screen.

Keep in mind that this theme will drain a bit of your phone’s battery due to its 3D effects and the use of accelerometer. The theme can be downloaded from the Go Store for free.

2) Dark Theme Go Locker – The Dark theme for Go Locker is my personal favorite. Its different than any other lock screen theme or app I have ever seen in the Market and is highly useful. The lockscreen can show you at one glance, your missed calls or SMS notifications and even allows you to open these apps right from the lock screen.

The whole layout of the Dark Theme is different than what you have ever seen. The developer of the theme definitely put some thought in making this theme, instead of getting inspired from other lockscreen themes or apps out there. Here is the download link of the Dark Theme for Go Locker.

1) ???

Wondering which is the best theme for Go Locker? We’d like to hear that from you, our readers! So drop in a comment and tell us your favorite Go Locker theme!

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