Sync Your Facebook Friends Contact Info With Your Galaxy Nexus or Nexus S
By on December 21st, 2011
One of the key new features in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is the new People app and Phone app. Unlike the previous Contacts app, which was nothing but an utter piece of crap, Google totally redesigned the Contacts app and renamed it to the People app. The People app now aggregates all the status update, a high-resolution profile image, phones numbers, addresses, check-ins and other information of all your contacts from various social networks in one place for easy viewing. The new call screen in Ice Cream Sandwich displays the same high-resolution photo of your contact whenever you call him, which looks absolutely stunning.
Google also released public APIs for the same, so that popular social networking apps can take advantage of it and integrate all the appropriate info with your contacts in the People app. The official Twitter client for Android, Google+ app and other apps make use of the same API to pull in your friends info. However, the official Facebook app for Android, which is the most used app by Android users, does not make use of this API and thus does not sync your friends info, including their pictures and status updates, with the People app. Considering the popularity of Facebook and how much active users it has, this is quite a big issue.
Earlier, the Facebook app was successfully able to sync contacts info with the Contacts app in Android. However, due to a tiff between Google and Facebook, the functionality was later removed by Google in the Android 2.3.3 update. Readers can find more info about this issue here.Thankfully, one developer over at XDA forums found the lack of Facebook sync on his brand new Galaxy Nexus quite a big problem and wrote an app which successfully pulls all your Facebook friends information and syncs it with the People app. The app – HaxSync – can be purchased from the Android Market for only $1.99.

Alternatively, Galaxy Nexus users can also try out Friendcaster app from the Android Market, which allows you to sync your Facebook friend’s info including their high-resolution contact photo.

Nexus S users running Android 2.3.3+ can also use Friendcaster to sync their Facebook contacts with their phone. Just make sure you have enabled the option to show your contacts from Friendcaster under the Display option under Settings in the Contacts app.

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