Sony Xperia Gallery Ported To Other Android Devices
By on September 14th, 2012

Post Ice Cream Sandwich, OEM skins have been severely criticized for adding useless features, killing the Holo theme or just adding bloat. While the TouchWIZ UI from Samsung may have some nifty features, it looks extremely ugly. On the other hand, HTC’s Sense UI looks gorgeous but  is bloated.

Sony is probably the only exception to this. The company has managed to find a perfect balance of stock ICS look and its customizations. Sony’s stock Gallery, Music, and Dialer app are much better than the stock apps Google ships in ICS/JB.

Recently, we reported that the Sony Xperia Music player has been ported to all Android 4.0+ running devices. Today, the Sony Xperia Gallery joins the list of being ported to all other non-Sony Android devices. While the Xperia Music app worked properly, some of its features were unavailable to non-Sony handsets due to library dependency issues.

Thankfully, the Gallery app works perfectly on all other Android devices. I gave the Gallery app a try on my Galaxy Nexus, and I must say it is downright impressive. The Sony Xperia Gallery allows sorting of images based on either folder or date, something which the stock Android gallery seriously lacks. Another nifty feature of the Xperia Gallery is that it can show the location of where a picture was clicked on geo-tagged photos. It also has multi-touch support even in list and folders view, allowing you to zoom in and out of thumbnails and sort them accordingly.

The 5.72MB APK of the Xperia Gallery can be downloaded from here, and I would highly recommend everyone to try it. For me, it has replaced the stock Android gallery!

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