SimpleON App Brings Smart Cover Like Functionality To Android Tablets
By on March 1st, 2012

When Apple announced the iPad 2, it announced a ‘smart’ accessory with it – the Smart Cover. While the Smart cover does a somewhat decent job of protecting your precious iPad 2’s screen from scratches, it has some special features and uses, which makes it different from other iPad covers. The ability of the Smart Cover to incline your iPad 2 to a certain angle for that perfect writing angle is extremely handy for people who actually type on their iPad 2.

Secondly, when a user removes the Smart Cover from his iPad 2, the screen on the iDevice will automatically lit up. Definitely useful! None of the Android tablet manufacturers or accessory makers have incorporated such a feature in their Android tablets or accessory.

A new app in the Android Market, SimpleON, does exactly what the Smart Cover does on the iPad, and best of all it works with any cover for your Android tablet. The app can automatically lit up the screen on your Android tablet as soon as you remove the cover from the screen. The full version of the app also has the option to directly unlock your Android tablet when the cover is removed.

Basically, the app monitors the light sensor of your tablet, and as soon as it detects big fluctuation in the light sensor reading, it switches on the screen of your tablet. Since the app continuously monitors your tablet’s light sensor, using it will lead to a slight increase in the battery usage of your tablet. Considering the battery life of tablets, the trade-off of a slightly less battery life compared to the feature you gain is definitely worth it.

The free version of SimpleON can be downloaded from here, while the paid version that costs 0.99$ can be purchased from here.

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