Get Screen Rotation Animation On Samsung Galaxy S2
By on December 9th, 2011
Unlike iOS, Android has comparatively few and basic animations throughout the OS. While I don’t really miss animations on my Android handset, I do miss the slick screen rotation animation found on Apple’s closed sourced OS. It might be a small thing, but it does make a difference and brings a WOW! factor to the UI.

There is no specific reason as to why Google did not include a screen rotation animation in Gingerbread or even in Ice Cream Sandwich. The hardware on which most of the Android handset runs on, is more than capable of rendering a screen rotation animation. Ironically, while most of the Android manufacturers use custom skins on their handset to spice up Android’s UI, none of them add a screen rotation animation on their handset. However, Samsung did include a screen rotation animation in their phone-cum-tablet, the Galaxy Note. Considering the similarities between the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S II, it was just a matter of time before the animation was ported to the latter. A developer at XDA Forums, imparator, has managed to do exactly that. He has ported the screen rotation animation from the Note to the SGS2! The developer only copied the files responsible for the animation from his Note to the SGS2, rebooted his handset, and voila it worked!

Below is a video of the screen rotation animation in action on the Samsung Galaxy S2-:

The two files responsible for the screen rotation animation on the Note are the libsurfaceflinger and libsurfaceflinger_client, which can be downloaded from here and here. SGS2 owners then simply need to transfer both the files to the /system/lib partition on their handset using either Root Explorer or any other app with access to the system partitions of the phone. A CWM flashable zip of the files can also be downloaded from here.

Please keep in mind that this mod will only work on a rooted Galaxy S2, which is running a Samsung firmware based ROM. This mod will not work on MIUI and CM7 based ROMs or any other AOSP based ROMs.
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