RAM Manager Tweaks Your Android Phone’s RAM Usage
By on December 2nd, 2011
Most of the Android phones nowadays come with anywhere between 512MB to 1GB of RAM.  Android, like Windows 7, caches the frequently used applications by a user so that next time when the user opens the app, it opens instantly. Due to this, the amount of ‘free’ RAM in Android phones is usually pretty low. A general user might think that this is bad, and start killing apps using a task killer.
However, using a task killer will actually slow down your Android phone, and it will even drain your phone’s battery. Having more free RAM is not going to improve your Android handset’s performance. So its better to let Android OS manage the RAM usage on its own.
Nevertheless, on a low-end or a pretty old Android phone, things might get sluggish if the user multi-tasks heavily or runs a pretty resource hogging app, due to the low physical RAM and free RAM. This is where RAM Manager comes in. The app optimizes your phone’s RAM usage by tweaking the kernel’s low memory killer settings, Virtual Machine and OOM_ADJ files.
The script on which the app is based has been tested by many Android handset users including the EVO 4G, Nexus One, Nexus S and Galaxy S, and they all have positive results to say about it. I would highly recommend Galaxy S owners to try this app, since the ‘available’ RAM to the end user is only around 320MB, which can make things sluggish if a user multi-tasks a lot.

RAM Manager works on all Android 2.1+ running handsets, which are
rooted. The app is available in free as well as a paid version. The free version is quite limited though.
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