Preview Build Of CM9 For Xperia S Released
By on April 19th, 2012

The Sony Xperia S is the Japanese handset maker’s flagship device for 2012. Sadly, for a 2012 flagship, the Xperia S lacks a lot of things including Ice Cream Sandwich, which is a deal breaker for many. The company has promised to roll-out the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Xperia S sometime in Q2, which means that its just around the corner.

If you already own a Xperia S and cannot wait to try Ice Cream Sandwich on your handset, here is some good news for you. The FreeXperia team, which is the officially maintainer of CM development for Sony Xperia devices, has released a preview build of CM9 for the Xperia S.

Even though this is a preview build, the FreeXperia team has managed to nearly everything working. Below is a list of what works, and what does not -:

GSM – voice and data
SENSORS – from source
WIFI – from source
FM – from source (not working for now)
LIGHTS – from source
VIDEO – from source
AUDIO – from source
GPS – from source
Gralloc – from source
HOTSPOT – from source
BT – from source
Live View – UGLY but SMART Accesory
Live Watch – usefull, nice, smart
RECOVERY – from source
3D – precompiled
CAMERA – precompiled

HDMI – work in progress (for suported devices)
FM – work in progress
ANT+ – precompiled and source

Since this is the first preview build, the FreeXperia team has disabled Wi-Fi and GSM functionalities for safety of its users. Once CM9 for Xperia S is good enough for daily use, the FreeXperia team will enable Wi-Fi and GSM. Interested Xperia S owners should head over to this thread on XDA for download links and further updates.

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