The ‘new iPad’ vs. Android Tablets – The Winner Clearly Trumps The Competition!
By on March 7th, 2012

So Apple has just announced the ‘new iPad’, which packs some jaw-dropping specs. The hardware specs of the ‘new iPad’ single-handedly proof why it is dominating the tablet market. No Android tablet on the market currently even comes close to the hardware, rest aside the software experience which the iPad offers.

On the apps and software side, the iPad has more than 200,000 applications and games specifically optimized for it, while the number of tablet optimized apps for Android is not even in four-digits. The quality of games, both graphically and gameplay wise, still remains un-matched by Android tablets and OS. One of the main reasons behind this is the sub-par hardware used in these tablets. While Nvidia’s Tegra 2 SoC may look good on paper, it is probably the biggest reason why Honeycomb was such a failure.

The successor of Tegra 2, Tegra 3, looks impressive and performs excellently as well, but will again struggle to power any of the latest gen Android tablets with a Full HD (1920×1080) screen.

Here is a small run down of how the ‘new iPad’ trumps all the Android tablets available in the Market today -:


At Mobile World Congress this year, we saw Asus and other companies’ release Android tablets with an impressive resolution of 1920×1080 (Full HD). However, the new iPad comes with a whopping resolution of 2560×1536, which equates to 3.1 million pixels, about a million pixels more than any of the Full HD equipped Android tablets and HDTVs!

The best Android tablet right now, the Asus Transformer Prime, has a screen resolution of only 1280×800, while its higher-end variant, the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity, comes with a Full HD (1920×1080) screen resolution.


Majority of the Android tablets released in 2011 came with a Tegra 2 Soc, while the ones announced in 2012 sport a Tegra 3 SoC. While Tegra 3 is no slow-couch, the A5 chip on the iPad 2 absolutely smokes it. Notice I am talking about the A5 chip here, and not the A5X that the ‘new iPad’ uses. The A5X chip uses a ‘quad-core graphics’, which in all probability is a four-core version of the PowerVR SGX 543 GPU used in the iPad 2.

Again, it may be possible that the 12-core GPU of the Tegra 3 might beat the quad-core GPU on the A5X in some benchmarks, but that will be only due to the difference in resolution. Benchmarks usually run at a tablet’s native resolution and since most of the Tegra 3 tablets come with a Full HD resolution, they will have an upper hand in benchmarks since they have to push less pixels around.

My final say would be that the A5X chip inside the ‘new iPad’ would trump the Tegra 3 SoC in any benchmark, irrespective of the difference in resolution.


If you are buying a tablet for its camera, well then you are…weird! The only use of a camera on a tablet is for video calling and for some augmented reality apps to blow our mind. The ‘iSight’ camera on the ‘new iPad’ may not beat the 8MP camera found on the Asus Transformer Prime or other Android tablets, but is still good enough if you ever need to click a picture using your iPad.


If any manufacturer has actually managed to release a decent Android tablet in the last year or so, they have always got the price of the device wrong. What makes the iPad so popular is its price point of $499. Some Android tablets costs around $600-$700, and yet come with a 2-year contract.

The ‘new iPad’ comes with a Retina Display, a quad-core graphics, a 5MP camera, and yet the 16GB Wi-Fi version costs only $499.


Even if the ‘new iPad’ did not have any of the above new features or advantages over its competitors, it would have still sold like hot cakes. Reason? The eco-system, the apps! iLife, iPhone, Infinity Blade, AirPlay mirroring and some other stellar apps are only enough for quite a few people to buy the ‘new iPad’.

Until and unless Google takes some serious steps, there is no way we will see some quality apps for Android tablets coming up anytime soon.

Only a combination of proper hardware, price and the ecosystem will lure consumers as well as developers towards Android tablets. Sadly, looking at how things are going right now, that certainly looks tough.

The ‘new iPad’ smokes its competition by a huge margin. With the iPad 3, Apple has made sure that it kills whatever competition the iPad had. If the new iPad is not enough, the new revised price point of $399 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad 2 is definitely enough to hit the final nail in the coffin of Android tablets.

Oh! And Windows 8 tablets? From what things look like now, you are DOA!

Update: Since so many people were arguing that the 12 core GPU inside the Tegra 3 is better than the A5X, I would highly recommend them to read this analysis of the iPad 3 by the folks over at AnandTech. The A5 chip inside the iPad 2 is alone capable of beating the hell out of Tegra 3 in benchmarks. Expect the GPU inside the A5X to totally pwn it!

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  • James Etheridge

    Have you actually benchmarked any of these SoC and can we see the results or did Steve Jobs spirit take over your finger tips to write such tripe?

    • Rajesh Pandey

      Any person with some knowledge about these SoCs will know how good the PowerVR SGX543 GPU inside the iPad 2 is. A four-core variant of the same is only going to perform better!

    • James Etheridge

      Rajesh Pandey Obvioulsy better than its predecessor or no point in making it. But how do YOU know it out performs a Tegra 3 without ACTUALLY testing it? HOW?

    • Jose Luna

      Rajesh Pandey your being a str8 out fan boy dude and do more research the tegra 3 gpu is actually 12 CORES compared to the measly quad that the new ipad has I can write a bible on the things that the TFP can do that the I pad can’t dude I have a terra byte external hard drive on my prime and also managed to make an external DVD player work on it just between the tablet and the dock ALONE I can push the memory up to 160gb lmao oh I mentioned a DOCK right which happens to be a keyboard WITH a track pad that also boost up the battery up to 8 hours more for a total of 18 hours battery life and the list goes on and on and on

    • Jose Luna

      Oh and the display is only 18% better not a big deal that’s the only thing I give it …our camera has all of the insight features but its 8mp not 5 and ohh we got a bright ass flash right besides it….put it this way the TFP came out a few months ago and till THIS DAY you can’t find them in all major stores cuz they keep getting sold out I had to get mines in amazon only place you can get one even today

    • Rajesh Pandey

      Jose Luna The number of cores don’t matter. The GPU inside the Tegra 2 was a 4-core one, yet it got its ass kicked by the iPad 2 GPU, which was only a single core one. Hell, even the ARM-Mali 400MP GPU inside the Samsung Galaxy S2 pwns the GPU inside Tegra 2.

      Its the architecture which also matters. Also, only 18% better? 2560×1536 resolution on a 9.7-inch display is INSANE. You have to actually see the display to believe what a technological marvel it is.

    • Rajesh Pandey

      James Etheridge I have updated the posts with some benchmarks from AnandTech. Told you I was right!

  • Matthew Beal

    Uhhh, hold on a minute. The tegra 3 has quad core CPU. The iPad has dual-core. Everything the new iPad has is a nothing special, save for the screen. Ohhh, and we get the Prime for $499, with 32 gb of space. Hmmmm.

    • Rajesh Pandey

      Yes, Tegra 3 has a quad-core CPU, but the number of cores don’t really matter. Look at the Snapdragon S4 Krait SoC from Qualcomm. It has a dual-core processor but it can beat the Tegra 3 SoC in all benchmarks. As things stand right now, Quad-core on mobile phones are just a gimmick. No real performance advantage.

    • Matthew Beal

      The “new iPad” has to have a quad-core graphics. That’ the only way it can upkeep a screen of that magnitude. This doesn’t mean we will have any more performance, just enough to keep up with the pace. Gimmicks? Right……

  • Nichoras Tipton

    I have used both iOS and Android when it comes to tablets, but your conclusion is severely biased. The only for sure category the new iPad won is the screen resolution. The tegra 3 is not by any means smoked by the iPad 2′s processor: Do some reading. The jury is still out on the A5X versus the Tegra 3, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for the dualcore A5X. That quadcore GPU is only helping graphics out, and considering that hefty resolution, I am inclined to think this won’t be a reinvention of the wheel as far as tablet performance goes. The iPad’s camera will be able to take some solid low-light pictures, but its 5 megapixels is still outclassed by the Prime’s 8 megapixel camera. And finally pricing: 500 dollars can get you the new iPad, with only 16 gigabytes of non expandable-storage; or, it can get the transformer prime with 32 gigabytes WITH expandable storage.

    So thanks for your partial review, but next time do a little research.

    • Rajesh Pandey

      When was the last time you took pictures with your tablet? Also, even if you do, seriously who takes pictures with a tablet?

      iOS does not need a quad-core CPU to perform smoothly like Android, because it does not have true multi-tasking.

      FYI, the dual-core S4 Krait SoC from Qualcomm can beat the crap out of Tegra 3′s quad-core CPU in benchmarks.

    • Nichoras Tipton

      Rajesh Pandey That was the weakest reply I’ve ever seen. Next time you post a website with benchmark scores, pick a website with credibility not just the one that posts in favor of Apple products.

    • Rajesh Pandey

      Nichoras Tipton Oh my good! I cannot believe what you just wrote? Do you even know how good AnandTech is? They are probably one of the oldest tech sites out there, way BEFORE Apple was at the top of its game.

    • Nichoras Tipton

      Rajesh Pandey Well here’s the thing, while I was attempting to get information to penetrate your thick skull, the ratio of websites that had the Prime outperforming the iPad was considerably higher than websites that had the iPad outperforming the Transformer Prime.

    • Rajesh Pandey

      Nichoras Tipton Wait until AnandTech publishes their report. I don’t trust any other site. Their reports are just BS.

    • Leonid Litovski

      Absolutely on cue. Guy is so anti, i think google insulted him in previous life… you know that only tegra zone has 4000 + aps, and once windows 8 is out, I sure will be buying in no matter specs, iSh.*, simply does not have Visual Ajax SDK the future

    • Chris Hardewig

      Rajesh Pandey
      I like your sentence “I cannot believe what you just wrote?”, as if you’re questioning yourself.

  • Aaron Rieley

    There is one point I think is really being missed here. If you want to spend your money supporting a company that dictates the way you can use your device by limiting what you can do to what THEY offer then Apple is for you. The one real short coming I-Everything has always had in my opinion is their limitation of what you are Allowed to do with your machine. Now they do offer a lot in their markets and stores but it is always limited to what THEY release and what THEY approve. If there is a gap in what you would like to use your device for (and you do own it you should have some say) it is tough for you. Maybe write an email or go to your non apple computer to fill the gap. With android if there is a gap you can create your own, change operating systems, look to what others are making, the choices are only limited by your resourcefulness. Using gams as a reference would you rather spend your money on a game that has cutting edge graphics (man this thing is beautiful) but the game is the same game you just played, no new characters, no new story, no new goals, it is the same game. Or would you like a game that has a new story, new goals, new characters and every time you get to the end and go back there are new things to do, most of which are free! For my dollar I will take function over form every day. They may look nice but you will never see a pair of stilettos in an Olympic event……

    • Nichoras Tipton

      You’re the man, A-Town.

    • Rajesh Pandey

      While I agree with you Aaron, you definitely are missing some points. Android and iOS are quite different from each other in many ways, one being open and the other being closed. What will you do with a tablet, which lags and barely has any games and apps optimized for it?

    • Nichoras Tipton

      Rajesh Pandey Lags? My Transformer Prime lags less than an iPhone 4S q: And I have plenty of games that are optimized for it. You really need to start doing research if your a “tech” blog.

    • Rajesh Pandey

      Nichoras Tipton I was not talking about the Transformer Prime here. I was talking about the 1st gen of Android tablets which were powered by the Tegra 2 SoC. Technically, the Transformer Prime should be compared to the new iPad.

    • Gabriel Molina

      Rajesh Pandey Not talking about the Prime? Let’s compare the new V12 Benz to the some other car from 3 years ago, yeah that’s good.

  • Kenny Kingery

    Your opinions are clearly biased. How can you come to conclusions before benchmarks are published? you are an apple fan boy.

    • Rajesh Pandey

      It’s easy to label anyone as an Apple fanboy. Apple has always been at the top of its hardware game, and there should be no surprises here.

      Learn to appreciate what’s good, there is no harm in doing so. While Android mobiles are selling like hot cakes, why do you think the iPad rules the tablet market? Why do you think the original XOOM was such a disaster?

    • Paul Cassells

      Rajesh Pandey what are you even DOING here, blogging for an android site if you are so clearly biased towards apple?

  • John Meyer

    I agree with Nichoras, extremely biased and pro “Apple”. You lose all credibility as a reviewer and as a blogger. The facts were distorted and sentences poorly phrased. Thank you for providing this post so I no longer have to view your future blogs.

    • Rajesh Pandey

      Updated the post with some benchmarks. The iPad 2 GPU kicks Tegra 3 ass in benchmarks!

    • Jose Luna

      Rajesh Pandey why are you lying stop it your looking ridiculous talk FACTS dude for example here is one the ipad 2 does NOT beat the TFP in benchmarks read em en weep the one whos doing the ass kicking is the prime now stop it with the fan boy stuff

  • Drrty Danny

    It’s obvious that android fanboys can’t possibly admit that something from apple beats something that android runs on. Wow! The attacks on you are just out-of-this-world pathetic. Cognitive Dissonance… it’s pretty severe with the Android crowd.

  • Michal Pietrusinski

    lol dude, how biased are you? seriously, it’s probably one of the lamest articles I’ve ever read, based on beliefs not any data;.

  • Gabriel Molina

    Why are so many reviews so biased like this one? You should state at the beginning that this is just your opinion not based on any actual side by side comparisons or tests. I read this and found it to be a big waste of time.

  • Prashant Mahadik check out this one before saying anything to android.

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