Monitor Your Android Phone’s CPU Usage From The Status Bar
By on November 23rd, 2011
Every Android geek out there knows that monitoring your phone’s CPU usage is the key to improved battery life, and a smoother performance. An Android phone’s performance can be improved considerably by decreasing some load from the CPU, compared to freeing up oodles of RAM by using a Task Killer.
Notice the blue indicator showing my CPU usage at the top leftWhile there are many CPU usage montitoring apps for Android, all of them require you to open an app to check out your current CPU usage, which sort of does not work for power users like me. It would be nice to see the CPU usage of my Galaxy S2 when I am on the home screen, or when I am browsing some website, or listening to music etc.

CPU Usage Monitor For Android does exactly that. It allows you to monitor your phone’s CPU usage right from the status bar. The app shows a small graph on the status bar, which shows the CPU usage of your phone. The app also allows you to monitor your phone’s RAM usage, and can display a graph for the same on the status bar. The app takes up a permament place in your phone’s notification bar, and can display some relevant info like the CPU usage, core frequency, free RAM etc.

The app also supports dual-core processors, and can display either multiple graphs for each core, or just show 1 with the total CPU usage combined. Users can also change the refresh rate of the graph, if they want near ‘live’ CPU usage graph.

Pocket App Builders – the developers of the app, also have a tablet specific version of the app known as Tablet CPU Usage Monitor.

Android handset owners can try out the free version of CPU Usage Monitor, before purchasing the paid version for all the advanced features.

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