Manually Update Sprint Galaxy S3 To Jelly Bean
By on October 27th, 2012

A couple of days ago Sprint started rolling out the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update for its variant of the Galaxy S3. The update is being rolled out via OTA so it will take sometime before the update is available to all Sprint SGS3 owners.

Thankfully, there is a very easy method to manually update the Sprint Galaxy S3 to Jelly Bean without voiding its warranty. The method does not require root access, ODIN and does not even wipe your existing data and apps on the phone.

Step 1: Download the official Jelly Bean OTA update from Google’s server from here. Once the download is completed, transfer it to the SD card of your Sprint Galaxy S3. Make sure you don’t transfer the file inside any folder. Do not rename it.

Step 2: Make sure you are running the latest Ice Cream Sandwich firmware (LI3) available for your handset. Go to Settings -> About Phone and then check the Baseband and Build Number. The last three characters should say LI3.

Step 3: Switch off your Galaxy S3 and restart it into Recovery mode. To boot into recovery mode, press the Volume down Up + Home + Power button simultaneously. You will see the Samsung logo for a brief moment before the Android stock recovery comes up on the screen.

Step 4: Use the Volume buttons to navigate and select the ‘install from sdcard’ option. Then, select the file that you had transferred to your phone back in Step 1. Confirm your action by pressing the Power button.

Once the update has been successfully flashed, your phone will automatically reboot. The zip file is pretty big, so the flashing process will take sometime. The first reboot will also take a bit longer than expected so please be patient.

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Rajesh is a 19 year old nerd, currently pursuing B.Com Hons from Bhawanipore college in Kolkata, India. He loves everything tech, especially Android. You can follow him on twitter @ePandu or mail to him at

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  • Gerald Pegarido

    Do you have proof that the warranty would not be voided if i use the manual method?

    • Rajesh Pandey

      The exact same thing happens in the OTA update as well. It is just automated while here you have to manually do it.

  • Ze’ev Gilad

    I did this, have JB, but now can’t root … is there a way to root LIJ on a Mac? thanks

  • faraz

    xxlh1 this is my baseband i downloaded that 347mb of zip file in my phone memory and followed ur procedure but after restart in recovery mode phone showing android pic and writing ther. downloading … do not. off power and nothing happen for half hour just that screen showing i started my phon again . its normal ics using pls help i purchased this phon from kuwait wht to do now

    • Rajesh Pandey

      Did you press the Volume Down button or Volume Up button to boot into recovery mode? You booted into Download mode, instead of the Recovery mode.

      • faraz

        i press down vol butten it was showing warning after that os downloading may cause serius problems to apps and phone continue or cancel likw that pls tell me breifly how to do it or if i faile my s3 work properly or not

        • faraz

          now i try again with up vol key it comes with recovery mode. but ther are 5 option.1.reboot system. 2.apply update from external storage.3.wipe data factory reset.4.wipe cach partition.5. apply update from cach. wichone i have to choose i dont know pls give ur phone number so i update correctly otherwise i will loss my data pls sir give ur number after updating i wll not disturb u again pls

          • Rajesh Pandey

            Select the apply update from external storage option and then select the OTA update zip file.

          • faraz

            after applying update few second later error in showing. i waste my 2 days for this procedure if u know correctly tell me

          • faraz

            u r so irrisponsible i m waiting forr so long but u r not replying so now no more need to come at ur web site .good bye

  • faraz

    helllo sir pls reply i m desparately waiting for ur answer pls help

  • faraz

    i think u also dont know ryt thats why no comment


    ok.. first i followed all instructions to the letter… and just as the gentleman complaining below “faraz”, i had the same problems. So i will add what i had to do to correct the proceedure.

    1. after downloading the update, I added it to the phones (sdcard), you have 2 options which both say sdcard, Phone SDcard and External SDcard. instructions here say “internal memory of your Sprint Galaxy S3″
    ***CORRECTION***instead add the update to the EXTERNAL SDCARD and as stated do not put in any folder

    2. the instructions say “To boot into recovery mode, press the Volume down + Home + Power button simultaneously”… this took me to a screen that said DOWNLOADING….
    ***CORRECTION***instead hold VOLUME UP + Home + Power Key. This should start the proceedure

    3. Choose to load update from external sdcard and find your file “” . After about 15-30 seconds you should see the update start running

    I would first use what is written by the autor, but if you come to the DOWNLOADING screen after resetting, I would follow this, your device may be working as mine is.

    Not sure if these are just mistakes on the part of the author of this article or if some phones were programmed different in an attempt to discourage owners from adding ROMs, or if the Sprint Galaxy and other US carriers Galaxys are just set up opposite, but after doing almost the opposite proceedure, I was successful in Updating my phone. Thank you for at least giving me the link and I hope this has helped some of you coming here with questions unanswered. by the way maybe just me but my phone does seem to be working much faster, it was always smooth but appeears to be slightly peppier. All info was untouched and GO Launcher UI remained running and is even better imo.

    Good luck to all.

    I dont not wish Rajesh to stop helping others and this may be no fault of his. People like him do help alot of phone users out yhere and we should not look down on them because something doesnt work the way its stated. They cant know every single thing about every single product out there and/or every little hickup that could arise.

    • Rajesh Pandey


      The Volume Down button thing was a mistake on my part. I keep confusing between the button combos.

      The world needs more people like you.

      Also, dump Go Launcher and use Nova or Apex launcher. GoLauncher is not meant for Ice Cream Sandwich or higher devices.

  • aly

    I dd everything … But once i choose the file it says .. Error in assert ( status 7 )

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